Da Sleeper!!!

I'm waiting for the arm to just come up like in wrassstling!!

  • st1d2db1 December 16, 2005

    I would expect Joe Rogan to learn something from the hundreds of ufc fights he has been to.

  • thebignasty December 17, 2005

    ahhhh just break his friggen neck.... Then its good material for crazy shit :)

  • fir3blade December 18, 2005

    whaaat wesley snipes is in ufc??

  • mike_d December 19, 2005

    Is that Joe from QUEER FACTOR?

  • crazytom080675 December 19, 2005


  • dj_busta_nutt December 20, 2005

    i always laugh at the dufuses tha try that shit for fun at parties. there go about two or three million brain cells that are no longer among the living due to lack of oxygen. but hey they werent using them anyway.........enjoy your coma.....

  • metallicalover December 20, 2005


  • pablosdog December 22, 2005

    Yeah, that is Joe "Rogain", always wearing a hat because his product doesn't work so good

  • jayrolet November 13, 2008

    what did the dumb redneck hillbilly say before he went to sleep........hey watch what I can do GAY

  • shi-thead December 16, 2008

    my friend tried this on me... but he did it wrong and was suffocating me... i didn't pass out... i punched his face to a pulp until he realized that it wasn't working...

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