Got Rocks!!!

Anytime I'm in a jam with a tank I go for the rocks. It gives you the power of a tank with out all that fancy metal and stuff.

  • pablosdog December 16, 2005

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! Fuckin' sweet.

    How is it that table cloth heads figure they can fuck with US.

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  •   wicked_m4 December 16, 2005

    Javelin anti-tank round. Whats not to love about death from above.

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  • braody December 16, 2005

    that rocket won't stop a towel head from walking into your house and blowing him self up pablo... no weapons is stronger than a man who has no will to live... give them a reason to kill them selfs and you will loose.. stop fucking with them and leave them alone... and you will have friends you can work with... the moral of the story is... think before you stick your dick in a pussy... because it can be infected with a diseas called religion!

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  • tumblin_dice December 16, 2005

    Thank you Braody. But I think the danger is not the man without a will to live but the guy who doesen't care (his reward is in heaven, right?) has hate in his heart (and I can't help think that everytime a father dies or somebody's kid is killed over there it hardens their resolve to get revenge) and is invisible- looking like any other citizen. How do they figure they can fuck with the U.S.? Quite well evidently. What would you do Pablo if your country was invaded?

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  • ramyel December 17, 2005

    nuke'm and shut the fuck up !!!!!!thats how

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  • bigcack December 17, 2005

    ok, usually i just watch the vids and read the comments, then move onto the next vid. but after hearing braody's complete non-sense liberal hippy speal, i decided it was time to register and pop in my 2 cents. not to start some arguement or war, but braody, what islamic country were we 'invading' when the 9/11 attacks happened? or even better, when the USS cole was attacked or the first WTC bombings occured? this all started because Osama was upset that we had the slightest (even though it was friendly) presence in Saudia Arabia, the Islam 'holy land'. Now war is a bad thing, but something that you peace-preaching liberals don't understand is that this started from islamic radicals. But now the US is the bad guy for retaliating back at the bastards. The only way to fight extremism is how we're doing it right now, we can't 'leave them alone'...what were we doing to them when the attacked us on 9/11?

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  • tumblin_dice December 18, 2005

    If Braody is on any drugs as least they don't cause delusions like the spoon-fed crap so many are digesting. BigCack is right- the U.S. wasn't invading ANY country that I can think of on 9/11 or when the Cole was attacked by Al Qaida. And accordingly the U.S. went in and kicked butt in Afghanistan where Al Qaida was running the country. But what the fuck does that have to do with Iraq? Didn't you hear- Bush said the information he had gotten regarding Saddam developing WMD was incorrect. 'Oh sorry for invading your country and killing like 30,000 people. My bad.' Or how about the fact that nobody has been able to find any evidence that Iraq & Al Qaida were working together??? And don't forget that the U.S. used to be Saddam's ally when Iraq was fighting Iran.

    The U.S. and everyone of us have more than a right (maybe even responsibility) to protect ourselves when attacked. But if your neighbor breaks into your house & you shoot the bastard do you roll over to the place next door and kick ass and take names because you can and you feel it's in your best interest?

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  • metallicalover December 18, 2005

    Fucking A-1!! This will stop road ragers also!!!

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  • mike_d December 19, 2005

    Love it baby!!!!

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  • pablosdog December 19, 2005

    Here's the deal. We needed to go into Iraq because Iran was gonna do it and we NEED to be there first to prevent them from having that kind of economic power. YES it is a war of economics and YES that economic base is oil. If a united arabic nation like that then takes over Saudi the World is in world of shit. For all your liberal complaining about the US being a big bully you need to understand that we have flat out given TRILLIONS of dollars in the past 60 years and saved a billion human lives. If our economy goes down the shitter so do the economies of 35 or 40 other nations.

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  • jayrolet November 13, 2008

    blah blah blah watch tie vid and move on

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