What Do I Do Now?

Jesse U.
19,021 Views 1 decade ago

Talk about a rude awakening, I would get up and beat the closest person to me.

  • tree88 December 17, 2005

    Dead man walking....

  • bionic_nugget December 17, 2005

    Bet somebody got their punk ass kicked after that.

  • fuzzydemons December 17, 2005

    lmao that fuck would end up like the serb with his head cut off for that .............he would know not to try that shit in his next useless life

  • bildo619 December 18, 2005

    it may have taken me a few days to recover from that one but i promise i would fuck that guy up. Tha t aint right!

  • metallicalover December 18, 2005

    These guys should be on Jackass!!!

  • mike_d December 19, 2005

    That deservers the Russian execution knife to the neck thingy.

  • pablosdog December 19, 2005

    Do not fucking fall asleep were I can find you MOTHER FUCKER!!!

  • metallicalover December 20, 2005

    Again? This is fucking nuts!!!

  • doctor_chill December 20, 2005

    fucking morons have no respect for anything. send all those pain loving/inflicting shitheads to Iraq so they can release some of their anger on some al qaeda fuckers.

  • scottishjock January 4, 2006

    FAKE look at the buldge and listen to the noise.

  • tinkdaddy September 22, 2006

    i have to agree with saawduust...payback's a bitch...

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