Just A Little Short

Jesse U.
15,752 Views 1 decade ago

Or a little too much depending on what he was trying to do. What were they trying to do? Fuck Em!!!

  • big_guns December 22, 2005

    Now he rides the short yellow bus to school!!!

  • bocky22 December 22, 2005

    What was the point of doing this?

  • joeltheguy December 22, 2005

    Remember that video where the guy sucked himself off? same guy....

  • guyschips1 December 22, 2005

    asian tossing, its the latest fad

  • jd0608 December 23, 2005


  • dj_busta_nutt December 23, 2005

    they caught the guy eating some of their kitten.......

  • pablosdog December 23, 2005

    with friends like that who needs psycho killers?

  • redwood418 December 23, 2005

    asian no fly away. he free ,he free .asian still no fly away. poor little slant eye. little penis, no flying retarded fuckers.

  • diesel91 March 15, 2006

    looks like a bunch of beaners to me

  • crackerzack May 16, 2006

    dude i dont feel bad for the guy at all wow i am jealouse of him.. he can suck his own dick i wish i could do that incase me and my gf get in a fight i still get head from some one ha take that bitch!!

  • hydrosmoker August 21, 2006

    lucky bastard

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