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posted by Jesse U on 12/26/2005

He Got What He Deserved

You shouldn't go putting your nose in other dangerous people's shit. I bet he'll think twice next time.
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Motherfucker had that coming!!! That dude from "cheaters" is a DICK!!!
posted on: 12-26-05 @ 5:41 PM

Damn right. I would knock that fucker in the head if he approached me when I was gettin ready to fuck some chick on the boat.
posted on: 12-26-05 @ 6:09 PM

posted on: 12-26-05 @ 7:34 PM

Ive always wanted to see that guy get beat down.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 12:14 AM

’bout fuckin time. Mind your own buisness and pick a new career asshole!
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 1:10 AM

i would have fucked both of those cracker hoes
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:26 AM

Hell probably have body armour from now on.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:41 AM

i hate that guy...im glad it happened to him, i always look at his face and think what i’d do if he ever did that to me, ooohhh boy, finally it happened YES
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 5:00 AM

sorry guys but I’m on the other side of this one. I have someone real close to me who got a serious disease because her piece-of-shit BF was fucking around with some skank. on the other hand, if I ever get the chance to jump on two girls at once, I’m taking it!!! so I guess I’m a hoe too. come to think of it, fuck this guy!! he got what he deserved.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 8:06 AM

You stupid ass men.....fuckin cheatin piece of shits....if you weren’t a cheater, you wouldn’t hate him so much, would ya, you’re all just scared cause you think you might get caught one of these days.....Tell ya what, if you can’t just fuck one girl(or one girl and the girl she invited to join ya) then keep your sorry asses out of serious relationships. Nobody gains anything from cheating, except maybe an STD, or an unwanted pregnancy, cause you know ya’ll cheaters will use a rubber with your girl, just not all the other stupid bitches you’re fuckin.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 9:46 AM

^^ u gain the satisfaction of fuckin..if women doesnt wanna put out for her man then he’s gonna wet his noodle in another cup of clam... if u cant comprehend that then get your ass back on the couch and tell dr phil all about it!!!!!
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 10:39 AM

I don’t know about the rest of you; but if I see the cheater guy; Jerry Springer; Dr. Phil; who ever else; coming my way, I’m shooting first and giving interviews later. As for the cheater; don’t enter into a relation unless your truly committed. Chicks will respect you more if you tell them that you are a male whore. Why lie about it? It just creates situations like the one above. As for the cheater guy; be careful as to who’s business you are butting into, it could have been me with a Glock .45 pointing at your head and all the body guards in the world would not save you from me.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 12:38 PM

1) WHY do people feel they OWN other people? 2) What legal right did the TV guys have bargind in and boarding someone else’s boat? You know, in international waters, going aboard someone’s vessel without permission is the same as breaking into someone’s bedroom window. You’re inviting your own death. 3) HOW is it that women feel it’s OK for them to screw who they want, but not the guy. Yeah, I went for years as a single guy getting nothing but lots of married pussy. Women fuck around at least as much as guys. Women are just sneakier about it.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:57 PM

sheer angel: all i got outta your post was blah blah blah,,, sex with two girls at once,,,,,,blah blah blah
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 3:43 PM

guychips you musta had a great christmas, you’re actually funny this week!!!
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 5:32 PM

I think sheer angel wants all of us low lifes to gang bang her!!! Mark curry here is your chance at a cracker ass ho!!!
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 6:05 PM

hahahahaha, you’re so funny....guyschips, i agree with pablo, you ARE funny today!!! as for gang bangin, well, metallica, dunno about you, but I dont share, so get urself gangbanged and go away
posted on: 12-28-05 @ 2:40 PM

Hey sheer_angel, my comment was low so I apologize. As far as getting myself gangbanged,I wish,but, I could not get laid in a whorehouse!!! HAHAHA!!!
posted on: 12-28-05 @ 5:30 PM

JACKASS, u deserve that
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 9:49 AM

I saw that...I was watching the whole thing...I was like is this part of the act....But you guys it was real.
posted on: 03-26-06 @ 3:46 AM

gooodd to see
posted on: 12-26-06 @ 1:56 AM

Wow he stabbes someone on national TV, AND he’s porking two fine ass bitches, AND he has a boat, AND he’s gets to be on TV to flaunt his bitches, AND-its fake.
posted on: 02-25-07 @ 7:08 PM

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