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posted by Jesse U on 12/26/2005

Can You Say 4 Stars

I've done this before, only it was on my X-box while playing Grand Theft Auto and I had a machine gun for back up.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What??? Only charged with D.U.I. and resisting arrest??? One crazy teenage bitch!!! Listen to her cry the whole time she is driving the cop car!!! Isn’t that why they put cages in the back of cop cars??? Remember boys and girls that you can never outrun the police!!!
posted on: 12-26-05 @ 5:25 PM

Okay, let’s review: Drunk, handcuffed, teen-age princess outsmarts and outdrives police. Why am I not surprised?
posted on: 12-26-05 @ 5:57 PM

She’s gunna suck a mean dick some day. I mean um... nothing?
posted on: 12-26-05 @ 7:23 PM

posted on: 12-26-05 @ 7:31 PM

they dont call it spirits for nothin nancy
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 12:09 AM

her drivers ed teacher would be proud of her
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 1:03 AM

if it was me id be going for the twelve gauge beside the drivers side seat then killing the cop destroying the camera on the dashboard and the tape recorder in the glove compartment.then go home and check out crazy shit
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:08 AM

thats why bitches shouldnt drive especially crackers
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:25 AM

HA HA dumb white trash
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:36 AM

This is why cops carry guns. SHOOT THE BITCH!! she could have easily killed somebody including one of them.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 8:31 AM

LOL@4 stars..
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 10:38 AM

lol @ boozerdude... nice analogy. I agree with you scissorman, but would you do it before or after your momma waked you up for school?
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 10:51 AM

You can bet your ass the judge didn’t treat the 17-year old girl anywhere like a 17-year old guy. My guess is she got off with a warning. If she had been a guy, we would have been looking at attempted homicide with a dangerous weapon - and 5 to 10 in the big house.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 2:55 PM

Had a skinny limber friend that did this twice in Louisville Ky. How fucking stupid can you be , I mean thay had all the info , drinking sure lowers some folks I.Q. Have to say she drove a mean lick for a handcuffed drunk teenager. Shes got a future in demo derbys.
posted on: 12-27-05 @ 4:05 PM

Pablosdog> Can you imagine what kind of shit there would have been if they had shot the girl? Nothing grabs at the public’s heartstrings like a young white girl in distress... Black girls bring out the militant equal rights groups... Sorry to say, if that had been a black dude, he probably would have gotten a shot to the back of the head and the public would have passed it off as just another inner-city youth doing exactly what they have come to expect of his kind and getting his just rewards.... My we have wonderful systems here don’t we? People are mostly de-sensitized to the murder/killing of blacks but get up in arms if there were a scratch on a white.... Am I making any sense? I’m fucking tired...
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 9:16 AM

must be one of those 3 armed shit eating gook chicks
posted on: 12-26-06 @ 1:55 AM

fucking gringos like to fuck themselves more when they are already fucked, fucking masochists
posted on: 04-21-11 @ 1:26 AM

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