Extreme Russian Army Training

Jesse U.
39,564 Views 1 decade ago

These guys are just hard core mofos. If they do this to themselves just imagine what they will do to the enemy.

  • sheer_angel December 28, 2005

    That is just messed up man. Way to build comraderie, dontcha think?

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  • heffe December 28, 2005

    I Like how the dumbfuck at the end tried to kick two at the same time and ate it, he tried to look cool afterwards too!!!

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  • guyschips1 December 28, 2005


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  • repent December 28, 2005

    bunch of pussies.

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  • pablosdog December 28, 2005

    if the enemy is shooting at a guy who did this to you are you going to try and stop it? FUCK NO!! kill him I don't care.

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  • metallicalover December 28, 2005

    U.S. troops could kick their asses!!! HOOORAH!!!

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  • screamwicked December 28, 2005

    wats funny is they do alot of the same shit usmc boot. soi say stop bitchin

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  • mike_d December 29, 2005

    Where do I sign?

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  • victrix December 29, 2005

    typical "Dedovshina" NCOs just have thier fun....has nothing to do with trainning, been through that myself.

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  • rockybalboa December 29, 2005

    Russian army has to be feared... even the germans acknowledged how goddamn tough these motherfuckers are. However, the american army is the best in the world! why? because it's from America, INDEED.

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  •   thundermug December 29, 2005

    Those kicks weren't that bad. It toughens you up. They need to get ready for H2H combat anyway. Hell, I'd rather take that kick than hold that fucking chair up.

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  • rockybalboa December 30, 2005

    That "abdominal stepping" also reminds me when I practiced taekwondo. My goddamn teacher used to do that shit to us, and also we had to run on hot asphalt. Definitely fucked up, but once you get over it you remember it in a funny way. And it helped me to build rock solid abs (even tough I kinda fucked them up by not working out for a while). Abs photo requests must be sent to e-mail to: [email protected]

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  • prowler67 December 30, 2005

    Navy SEALs are better. The ones we need to watch out for are the ROK special forces, some of the baddest motherfuckers on the planet.

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  • gurtman23 December 31, 2005

    you americans need to read up on other armies other than your own its drummed into through tabloids that you are the best trained and greatest army in the world, thats wrong you have the highest population and more money than most thats all. take a look at the S.A.S or the Paratroopers and if you dont know who they are then that proves my point.

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  • antara December 31, 2005

    Gurt your a fucking idiot not only is the US not the largest population but the US has one of the highest depts out there lol when your in dept 10-20 trillion dollar;s wouldnt really consider that have more money then anyone else out there lol

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  • chocopuffs March 8, 2006

    fucked up komis!

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  • hutikuti September 12, 2006

    SEALs trained by Spetsnaz GRU-officers(If the troops only survive the training). That would be pretty fucked up but lethal combination.

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