Drum Roll Please

Jesse U.
11,729 Views 1 decade ago

hahaha these poor guys probably worked hard on this thing for hours. I almost feel bad for them. Alomost.

  • yokiti December 30, 2005

    That guy was good, just not quite good enough. He's lucky the thing didn't kill him when it came apart.

  • briandee December 30, 2005


  • kissieface3769 December 30, 2005

    I said it was fine the way that it was, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo you had to mess with it and fuck it all up.

  • chemogivah December 30, 2005

    Kissie has a point, why tempt fate with ice? Shoulda just turned the support beams into collums and kept it as part of the piece.

  • guyschips1 December 30, 2005

    gay comments

  • metallicalover December 30, 2005

    Common sense!!! Saw that coming!!!

  • pablosdog December 30, 2005

    2 minutes wasted for 18 seconds of interest. please do some editing. thank you

  • mechanicman December 31, 2005

    Damn what a suprise , something just told me he was going to get crushed.

  • juja December 31, 2005


  • jimnkristy January 1, 2006

    Jeez, i waited a long time to download, long time to watch the first 99 percent and then ... Fuck. Fill your cooler with the ice and stick some beer in it.

  • burdenedbro January 2, 2006

    Poor dumb guys but I know they were not engineers because they were able to work on it after it was done. And also stfu gay boy! lol 8)

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