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posted by Jesse U on 12/31/2005

What A Wonderful World

Yeah I know we're pretty fucked up. If you don't think so your probably in the Nile.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
and proud to be American
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 4:14 PM

this video could have been better if you would have moved your crazyshit logo to the top of the video so i wouldnt have had to work so hard to read it
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 4:19 PM

Amen guychips, Amen....
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 4:30 PM

I thought this was Crazyshit. not the Micheal Moores website.
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 4:45 PM

There are reasons for everything.
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 4:53 PM

You can make a pretty good video when you disregard historical accuracy.
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 4:54 PM

WTF!!! I could only see part of the video!!!
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 5:55 PM

Well no ones perfect , but those laser guided missles are damn close.
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 8:28 PM

We truly DO live in the greatest country in the world.
posted on: 12-31-05 @ 10:51 PM

Happy fu*kin newyears everyone!!!! this video sucks Anti-america propaganda shit
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 5:46 AM

The truth was invented by the liberal media to stomp out your God-given right to support genocide and fascism.
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 6:52 AM

And you wonder why people are flying shit into your buildings. **ILLUMINATI**
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 8:28 AM

A perfect example of what happens when your very motivated to make a little movie, but not terribly motivated to REALLY learn the details of the history your supposedly trying to pass on.
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 12:38 PM

Thank you! This is the kind of shit America and the world needs to see, these fucking christians and others have their heads in the clouds thinking the world is perfect. Well anyway; thanks and th video is awesome!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 10:59 PM

SALVADOR ALLENDE WAS MURDERED? WTF, he blows his own head, he was a comunist who has chile in the edge of a civilian war. Pinochet just save chile. history books just lied. writers never lived in chile in those years.
posted on: 01-01-06 @ 11:34 PM

Liberal fucks assume that all other countries are better than we are. We are the only country that can be attacked by suicidal terrorists, but then give those same assholes more rights than we give ourselves, because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. America kicks ass! And we will kick your ass if you come to try and attack us again!
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 2:22 AM

While I do not support liberals "lawyers" they do dig up disturbing facts that all you conservatives "big corporation" fuckers just happen to leave out.
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 7:57 AM

wow.. how depressing.. im laughing at these people like catadjuster.. sureee buddyy!!! they can hear u or care what u think!!!! im not biased i distrust all poloticians equally.... this system iz fucked in itz current state and has a history that very little people kno about.. the vid is all truth but the song choice was kiinda bitter sweet to say the least..im proud too be american but im ashamed of the people who are running it..
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 9:58 AM

So fucking sad. In the end we will all have to pay for the things those motherfuckers did.
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 10:17 AM

its about time you yanks woke up and smelt the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t mess in other countries. ass wipes. cos it will come back and bite ya... just think five minutes ahead, and you might just be ok
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 12:21 PM

when people watched the planes hit the 2 world trade center towers on 9-11, they act all shocked and horrified. but you have to admit, it is one of the coolest, most awesome fucking things you’ve ever seen!:D
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 1:21 PM

I guess some of the facts were off. For example, they seem to believe arabs had something to do with 9/11.
posted on: 01-02-06 @ 4:27 PM

this is what happens when you take a few conspiracy theorists, mix in some half truths taken out of context, with some perfect hindsight and give them a target. You get a big bowl of shit with the handles on the inside!! YES we are a great place. If you think that some other society with the same power and responsibility could do better you are stupid, stupid, stupid. If you think another place is better then don’t let the door hit you in the ass. Or, do something positive to change it.
posted on: 01-03-06 @ 8:57 AM

im proud too be american. Nice, troll. But you say that it’s ok to wipe ass with the flag. Very patriotic.
posted on: 01-03-06 @ 7:39 PM

viva chávez! down with bush!
posted on: 01-04-06 @ 1:20 PM

this is a good video.... shows the world that we are concerned of world population control..keep up the good job US!
posted on: 01-04-06 @ 7:51 PM

we live in a very sad world
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 11:45 PM

Send Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to Baghdad...as bait. Can’t make things any worse and it’s a nice gesture.
posted on: 01-16-06 @ 1:47 PM

Send Michael Moore and all the French over and bring our boys home.
posted on: 02-14-06 @ 2:39 AM

um ok the point is one action causes something else to happen. cause and effect theroy
posted on: 02-23-06 @ 1:15 PM

And to think we call ourselves HUMANS.
posted on: 04-23-06 @ 11:36 AM

And everyone hates Americans?? Shocking!!
posted on: 01-11-07 @ 7:36 PM

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