I Guess He Won't Kiss And Tell

Jesse U.
21,882 Views 1 decade ago

I think someone should have told him, you shouldn't kiss a guy who wants to bear your ass. Especially if he is not gay.

  • guyschips1 January 3, 2006

    gay guy had it coming

  • wicked_m4 January 3, 2006

    Fuckin good for the queer!

  • username January 3, 2006

    fuck fucking fags

  • crazylankan January 3, 2006

    haha dat faggot deserved it...yet another fag bites dust

  • leebuck2 January 3, 2006

    Heath Herring fucked that gook up good. You should see the full version of that vid. I saw it live.

  • metallicalover January 3, 2006

    Yes guyschips......Yes!!!

  • mocopie January 4, 2006

    I guess you could call it a goodby kiss. hee hee

  • pablosdog January 4, 2006

    LEEBUCK was this MMA or boxing? What the fuck was going on? He just got some wild hair up his ass (no pun intended) and decided to play mind games? I don't get it?

  • mechanicman January 4, 2006

    hey pablo , you might not get it but that feller that kissed the other one sure did. Punch really didn't look like all that , but sometimes they are just on the right spot.

  • leebuck2 January 4, 2006

    pablo, it was MMA in the K-1 new years eve show. I was fucking laughing my ass off. Herring came up to that gouke for the stare down and they got really close. That slope bastard kissed Herring and bam, right on the button. He fell back having a KO seizure and Herring was saying "He kissed me like a homosexual, I'm not gay, I'm not gay". Greatest thing I've seen in awhile.

  • pablosdog January 5, 2006

    you guys are THE SHIT ^^^ .. comments are as funny as the vid.

  • flakeyflakez January 9, 2006

    wat ha hell was that all about?

  • mami January 17, 2006

    he's a fag...

  • illuminated November 5, 2006

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