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posted by Jesse U on 1/9/2006

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The anchor man seemed like he was surprised. What did he expect? If somebody came in to his station and started killing evrybody, would he stop doing his job to make sure everyone was alright? Hell no he wouldn't, he would just keep doing his job.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
After I cought up with that guy I’d tie him up in the middle of the road and hit him. I dont care what the fuck you’re doing, if you hit someone with your god damned car, get out of it and do what you can for the poor bastards.
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 3:24 PM

um yeah id drive off too haha!! thats jail dude or seriouse fines!!!! bt nah really i wouldnt!
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 3:41 PM

POOR CAR...........=)
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 3:43 PM

You gotta finish, can’t have a DNF!!!
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 3:49 PM

Keep driving charlie....nobody noticed!!
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 4:22 PM

I think it sucks he went back to racing, but he I’m not sure I blame him that much. European sports fans are stupid for standing in or even along the roads... Don’t they know they can get KILLED that was... Ever what the Tour De France, and they are always in the middle of the street interfering with the cyclist, sometimes even running after them. Grabbing their jerseys, blaring those goddam awful air horns. Maybe some of them do need to get killed! In America, if a fan interferes with a game, he get’s escorted out or more likely arrested.
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 4:42 PM

I don’t give a fuck about any of those idiots. Its one thing to run over an innocent person, but these morons act like its the running of the bulls!!! Fuck em....they want to be in the action, more highlights for me!!!
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 5:20 PM

i can’t help but think like the two post above this one....you are a dumbass if you’re in the way. you took your chances by being in such a clear cut danger area...you are the dumasses not the driver. they probabily think the same. get the fuck out ot the way....at least far enought so you can see up coming.....jesus would say the same I’d bet
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 5:39 PM

the highlights of these races and most european rally races are the crashes thats why they are lined along the road sides to get the best view of the crashes well in the next life that stupid fucker wont stand on the road side to watch the accidents i guess he had the best seat to see a crash that "front row seating" it was just an expensive seat it would be a great episode for tales from the crypt if it were still on hbo as for a crime they know the risks just like if at a nascar race a driver hits a wall and a tires goes in the grand stand the driver isnt charged with murder when you buy a ticket you have to read the laws they arent liable they get what they deserve for being stupid and sitting in the way of the race i love the clips where camera men are head head on and the last thing you see it the grill as the camera goes black
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 7:36 PM

Like this?: wimp/collisions
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 7:49 PM

Wow, I didn’t remember that this included the very clip that we were discussing... I just remembered that truck grill.
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 7:54 PM

Even if the road was perfectly dry, they are RACING. The definition of which requires driving AT THE EDGE OF CONTROL in order to beat your competitors.
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 9:10 PM

those mother fuckers shoulda jumped i give the hit 10 points
posted on: 01-09-06 @ 11:46 PM

zazu pitts
Anybody who enters and especially those who go to see a bunch of cars being driven around and around should all have this happen to them. They shoot way below par in the game of life. The gene pool is better off without them.
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 3:05 PM

zazu pitts
Actually I dont have a problem with them carrying on with this behavior as long as they keep taping it for me to watch.
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 3:11 PM

Soft compliant barriers lessen the damage to the cars. Europe has little money to erect them and has found that moron barriers actually work better and there is an endless supply. Notice how it self repaired before the driver could even leave. convict barriers would be a good idea at Indy.
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 3:25 PM

Good point mechanicman, he probably would have hit a tree and been out of the race if it wasn’t for those people helping him stop.
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 3:47 PM

I like dead people, and how they got that way!
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 4:15 PM

I only do that when I see a herd of sheep, or goats, or Frenchmen.
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 9:01 PM

LOL@ mechanicman, thats a good one.
posted on: 01-10-06 @ 10:59 PM

Getting out of the car could mean getting mobbed by angry drunkards, the car could stop on top of someone, and there’s little the driver could do to help that no one else could do.
posted on: 01-12-06 @ 8:13 AM

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