She Was Better Off Going Home To Watch Tv

Jesse U.
18,994 Views 1 decade ago

Why would you argue with guys with big guns?

  • joeltheguy January 12, 2006

    I like the headbutt that started the fight... nice work boys.

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  • zazu pitts January 12, 2006

    That headbutt is an Israeli army trademark.

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  • metallicalover January 12, 2006

    If I get in a fight I want imperialgerman with me...........NOT

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  • pablosdog January 12, 2006

    Yes seinfeld, the Israeli army is known for poor training.'re about as smart as the imperialgerman...shit-for-brains.

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  • tree88 January 12, 2006

    What is a jude? Hey jude...... imperialgerman is about as smart as hitler was....

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  • username January 12, 2006

    pablosdog is gay

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  • r6dude January 13, 2006

    How long have they been fighting and killing each others ???, and still cant settle thier differences, I feel sorry for these two countries.

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  • byteblock January 13, 2006

    Israelis are badass. Glad those guys on our side.

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  • godsavethequee January 13, 2006

    perfect example of the braindead american soldier

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  • 2npink1nstink January 13, 2006

    Shut the fuck up savethequeer...he wasn't even an american soldier, but who gives a shit!! he did what was right, good for them!! You bleeding heart liberal fag!!!! I hope you die from an american soldier!!!

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  • ronsxi January 13, 2006

    imperial german i understand u poor guy youre just mad that such asmall country is undefeated and had more wars then anyother countries in this world:)

    like the germans getting owned by russia lolllllllllllll

    imperial german just go take acold shower maybe it will wake u up

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  • jimnkristy January 14, 2006

    wish someone would of shot that dumb ass broad.

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  • breed September 23, 2007

    why did'nt the UN give the jews a nicer place than that shit hole palistine. fighting over a fucking desert, fuck that.

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