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posted by Jesse U on 1/13/2006

Helmets Are For Pussies

I can see not wearing a helmet while you're on a skateboard, but on skates? It's not like you can just jump off and walk. When you loose it on skates your done. Game over.
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Lucky Kenny landed on something soft....................HIS HEAD !!!!
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 2:40 PM

Cracked his coconut.
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 3:04 PM

I’m no doctor, but really don’t think he is doing guy any favors buy moving and holding his melon when the kid could very well have a skull fracture or a broken neck.
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 3:11 PM

This was posted on Orgrish. The kid died.
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 3:32 PM

you are right yokiti, don’t fucking touch him!! not surprised that he died. FUCKERS KILLED KENNY!!! ---that’s from South Park if anybody recognized that. I know, I know, not funny if I have to explain it.
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 3:55 PM

You bastards!!! Right pablos??? Poor kid!!! That was extreme!!! I wonder if a helmet would have saved his life???
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 5:41 PM

Poor kid. :(
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 8:39 PM

"I wonder if a helmet would have saved his life?" Metallica....unanswerable question. But it would not have hurt as much......
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 8:43 PM

"wonder if a helmet would have saved his life" I’m not real sure , probably , but a brain in good working order that would have prevented this stupid attempt at video immortality sure would have. Some folks just don’t learn , I doubt this was his first bobo from skating extremo. It’s a pity the the young seem so concerned about impressing their friends , leads to short lifespans.
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 9:07 PM

pablosdog is gay.....
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 9:35 PM

another one bites the dust
posted on: 01-13-06 @ 9:40 PM

no doctor either......but him breathing like that is a definate sign of brain damage.....not just being unconcious.
posted on: 01-14-06 @ 12:54 AM

fucking australians, one less to worry about
posted on: 01-14-06 @ 7:04 AM

that will teach the fuckers to keep off me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 01-14-06 @ 10:37 AM

This kid actually died. Wear a helmet!ogrish/archives/rollerblading_accident_grind_ends_ deadly_Jan_11_2006.html
posted on: 01-14-06 @ 6:41 PM

zazu pitts
This is pure darwinism in action. Or survival of the fittest or circle of life or whatever. It just proves that if you are willing to strap little wheels to your feet and then go down a flight of stairs by jumping up on the handrail instead of walking down like a normal person then you have proven yourself too stupid to live. Ciao paisan, say hello to St. Peter for me.
posted on: 01-14-06 @ 7:11 PM

I’m not a doctor either, but I think he might’ve needed full c-spine immobilization, placement of an endotracheal tube, D5-Normal Saline, 100% O2 with pressure control ventilation at a rate of 12 breaths per minute and 5 of PEEP, 5-lead ECG, pulse oximetry and code 3 transport to the nearest trauma center for CT scan and full head, neck and chest X-rays. I’m guessing that’s what a doctor might’ve done. Maybe not. The 5% Dextrose might be overkill. Maybe just normal saline.
posted on: 01-15-06 @ 8:00 PM

That was so fucking AWESOME!!!!
posted on: 01-18-06 @ 1:34 AM

hes only knocking some Z’s out ! leave the kid alone ! i wonder what he was dreaming !
posted on: 01-25-06 @ 7:37 PM

He was already fucked up in the head!!!!!!!!
posted on: 04-14-06 @ 8:13 PM

That guy died by the way.It was on ogrish not to long ago.
posted on: 05-17-06 @ 11:13 PM

anybody hear of 911???
posted on: 06-28-06 @ 1:10 PM

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