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posted by Jesse U on 1/15/2006

The Goldfish Master

I don't know how he's doing it, but he seems to control the goldfish with his hands. I wonder if that would work with the ladies? You four!!! This way...on your knees.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Those fucking fish know that they might become a wiggling appitizer if they don’t cooperate. those Japs will eat anything , the more alive the better.
posted on: 01-15-06 @ 4:24 PM

At first, I though so what? They were just swimming in circles... That formation flying was surprising. Thunderbird goldfish.
posted on: 01-15-06 @ 4:40 PM

I know what it is is he has a brother who lives in iraq an he has said if them little gold bastards dont do as he says then they will be gettin there little gold scaley heads chopped
posted on: 01-15-06 @ 8:25 PM

off :)
posted on: 01-15-06 @ 8:29 PM

Fucking Japs!
posted on: 01-15-06 @ 11:15 PM

If the Japs really want to make themselves useful, they’ll find out a way to make hot chicks do that...right over to my house.
posted on: 01-16-06 @ 3:39 AM

zazu pitts
The most amazing part of this is that World War II has been over for sixty years but there are still racist motherfuckers out there who call people from Japan "Japs". This world will never have peace, I’m convinced.
posted on: 01-16-06 @ 1:22 PM

The owner was asked in a japanese accent..... Q "These fish, would they be the flying valiaty"? A "No you can also boil or loast them then add some mushlooms and soy sauce"
posted on: 01-16-06 @ 2:30 PM

BB’s and magnets, Yup!
posted on: 01-16-06 @ 3:15 PM

haha Yea magnets But i wish it wasnt its so cute!
posted on: 01-16-06 @ 4:10 PM

Fuck, Zazu, just because your girlfriend (I mean sister) is a slope doesn’t mean you have to get all bent out of shape ’cause we’re talking about Japs.
posted on: 01-17-06 @ 7:34 AM

posted on: 01-25-06 @ 7:24 PM

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