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posted by Jesse U on 1/22/2006

3 For 1

3 bodies for the price of one. It looks like this was the middle of the day. I wonder if this person was drunk.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Saw this on another website with a bit better video quality. All children. After the car rolls back 2 of them were moving, the youngest seemed unconscious or dead. I would like to know the outcome of this.
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 2:44 PM

Yeah me too. All I know is that it was some 80 yr old focker with no license and they left the scene of the accident. Reminds me of the episode of South Park with the old drivers
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 2:56 PM

Attention, K-mart shoppers, there is a special today on some slightly damaged children.
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 3:23 PM

more WTF
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 4:06 PM

My grandmother is 86 and still drives, You wouldn’t know that she is a silver haired driver. She’s not slow (runs 5 to 10 over everywhere) not hesitand when making turns. But then again, she doesn’t react well to red lights. Doesn’t react at all half the time... Just cruises right on through.... I don’t know how she hasn’t bought the farm yet.
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 4:36 PM

zazu pitts
Yup, that’ll ruin your whole day. Old or young there are some awful drivers out there. I saw a woman in heavy L.A. traffic carrying on a lively conversation with a stuffed bear she had in her lap. And the fact that it is legal to use a cell phone while driving simply blows my mind. It is far more dangerous than drunken driving.
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 5:35 PM

I like how the lady in the background runs to help these people!!! She probably thought fuck it they are black folk!!! SHE thought that not me so don’t reply that I’m a racist!!!
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 6:46 PM

blame it on illegal immigration
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 8:08 PM

...that fuckind sux...
posted on: 01-23-06 @ 11:20 PM

Hey metal....I dont think she was running away...looks like she was chasing the driver: "stop the fucking car you blind old bastard you just hit some kids..I got your license plate!!!"
posted on: 01-24-06 @ 1:05 AM

We had some old coot drive through a Subway restaraunt and into a Pizza Hut before coming to a stop...he didn’t even know what day it was. It was at 10 in the morning, so the places were pretty empty.
posted on: 01-24-06 @ 3:00 AM

That is fucking horrible. I hate old people that drive.
posted on: 01-24-06 @ 9:52 AM

Hey metallicalover you fucking racist!....... just kidding. On another web site they said everyone survived with minor injuries. Hard to believe! Old lady just drove away but was caught later on.
posted on: 01-24-06 @ 1:46 PM

NOT JOKE THIS time this is wat happens to people who plays to much GTA 3, Vice city , San Andreas
posted on: 01-24-06 @ 4:50 PM

She should be hanged for driving off. They outlawed cell phones here in shitty Connecticut (I’m from So Cal) and I guess it’s cool because it’s safer, but it sucks screwing with the ear bud when your phone rings.
posted on: 01-24-06 @ 7:19 PM

yeah, there should be an age limit on driving...thats pretty sad right there man, fuckin old ass people hitting other people cause there brain is wasted away.
posted on: 01-25-06 @ 7:59 AM

Shitlooker, it far more likely for old drivers as with any bad/stupid to cause accidents, than to actually be in them.
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 1:56 PM

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