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posted by Jesse U on 1/26/2006

Iraqi Car Bomb

Check out the car in the middle. I was surprised they didn't blow it up when that military vehicle drove by.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
And the world questions why americans are trying to eliminate our civilization of ragheads!!! Sill proud to be American White Male..... Top of THE WORLD FOOD CHAIN!!!!
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 2:27 PM

Watch closely. There is a military vehicle coming in from the right as the bomb goes off.
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 3:03 PM

Yes, that is actually the third mv to drive by in this vid. oh... I almost forgot... USA is bad...this is GW’s fault...you Americans are so arrogant or ignorant.... or just bad, bad, bad.
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 3:20 PM

Pablosdog can suck some USA Grade A cock and use that towel off his head to wipe it off.
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 5:16 PM

Find those fucks!!! I love our troops!!! OOORAHHH
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 6:01 PM

Hey Pablosdog if it wasn’t for GW you might just be on Al-Jezeera or however the fuck its spelled getting your head cut off by those fuckers. GW had the balls to do something about it. Clinton would just sit back getting his dick sucked while we get invaded. War isn’t perfect and it sucks we gotta lose some people over there. If I was in charge I would have nuked the whole place years ago
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 8:36 PM

pablosdog was using IRONY, you dipshits.
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 10:55 PM

Hey metzger you sound so passionate about the war on terrorism. how come you dont enlist in the army and go fight the war in Iraq. Bush would love to enlist a dipshit like you in the army.
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 11:12 PM

zazu pitts
Just like doritos; "We’ll make more."
posted on: 01-26-06 @ 11:57 PM

oh calm down everyone... as soon as georie jr finishes his pipeline over in that kitty box of a country, he’ll have his little government friends do something else "COOL" live on CNN (Jessica Lynch rescue, my sweet ASS!) to make it look like the war on "terror" (oooo can’t wait to see that in history books) has come to a conclusion.
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 5:43 AM

Thanks archemedes rex.. yes I was using irony. People who have read my previous comments know that. DFYLA and METZGER you would be right if I was serious. Man, I do NOT want to be on Al-Jezeera having some idiot saw my head off with a butter knife.
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 8:34 AM

benjamin franklin said it best...."those who would sacrafice freedom for security...deserve neither freedom or security"...ps:...i’m leaving to afganastan in one week...and to that shitlooker....go ahead and stick your head in the sand and pretend that all the bad bad men will go away.....as for me...i’ll fight!!!....fight for my son so that he doesn’t have to!!!, fight for my wife and for my daughter , and when history looks back and they say where were you?...i will not flinch and i will not cower....and by the way....korea?....give me a break....you want a cookie or something?....did you even patrol with a weapon?....no !!don’t give me that crap cause it wasn’t allowed.......you joined when there wasn’t a war most likely and now you have your GI bill so go ahead and use it!!!....get yourself your bachelors in phylosophy and tell all the world how evil the US of A is and how GW’S the evil child killer.....(i’ll defend your right to say whatever you want) you of all people ought to know that no one held a gun to your head to join or mine either....so shut up you moron write this date down jan.27 2006...thats the day...we still keep fighting
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 7:12 PM

flynch, it’s possible shitlooker is old enough to mean he was in Korea in the 50’s and that war was not bullshit. If he was there then he should know that keeping the commies out of South Korea was an honorable goal. North Korea is not exactly being run by good people.
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 8:48 PM

perhaps.....and i agree....my father proudly served in the korean war aboard the uss nihmitz...and i apologize to shitlooker for my comments toward his service in korea....i mearly ment to emphasise the importance of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity, and personal courage values it seems that he has abandoned. to sugest that the fight is dead solely on the grounds that the opositions suicidle tendancies over power our, as well as my own, personal resolve is a slap in the face.....and to all i personaly stand for.....i gave an oath to defend our nations colors and i am personaly prepared to lay down my life for the american way of life.....so who is he to say that their ideals outway mine?.....and that their resolve is greater than mine....the least he could do is not mention that he served our country in the same breath that he uses to bash the fervour of the fight. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 9:00 PM

ragheads have no other way to fight us except for car bombs etc, we are the best fighter’s and have the best equipment (and women). So say a pray for those lost lives and support their famlies.
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 10:04 PM

I served for 6 years, front lines all the way, I was at the DMZ(JSA) in Korea 98~00, Georgia(the one South of Russia) 2000, and in Afghanastan in Oct 2001~ end of 02. Many other shorter stints, and accumulated so many injuries I was kicked out of the ARMY eventually. Some of our fights are well warrented, but I strongly feel some are a waist of our brother’s lives. Soldiers do what their leadship tells them to do, they are not to blame for misguilded wars.
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 11:41 PM

Are those loud speakers on the HumVee that passes just before the explosion? Looks to tall to be a Mark19 too short for a .50cal, and no one is manning the nest. If so then that would most likely be near Kikirk (or how ever the hell they are spelling it now).
posted on: 01-27-06 @ 11:59 PM

if we don’t kill them ragheads over there..then what will it be like if more keep coming here and trying shit??? "The issue is not war and peace, rather, how best to preserve OUR FREEDOM"
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 11:01 AM

Fuckin JAWAS made the fuse too long. Hope they all die
posted on: 02-21-06 @ 9:38 PM

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