A Good Reason To Shave

Jesse U.
30,710 Views 1 decade ago

Tell tale sign that it’s time to shave, cause you can’t just go around destroy private property like that.

  • pablosdog January 26, 2006

    Fuck that was funny!

  • tree88 January 26, 2006

    That's a commercial that was on TV last year or two.

  • metallicalover January 26, 2006

    I think any woman with breast implants needs this to happen!!! Be happy with what you have ladies!!!

  • thundermug January 26, 2006

    He should have punched her in her face.

  • mustardgas January 26, 2006

    Implants are nice, more perky not saggy.

  • braody January 26, 2006

    I would rather a girl have fake tits than no tits! its the ones that already have nice or decent tits that need to chill out!

  • metzger January 26, 2006

    Yeah I can imagine centuries from now, paleontologists will find skeletons of women with silicone bags resting on their ribcages saying WTF??? I hate when girls have daddy or their man buy them boobs and now they expect to be treated like royalty or some shit like that. Get a clue bitch!

  • archemedes_rex January 26, 2006

    It's weird, I've lived 35 years, been all over the country, I've seen all walks of life, yet I've never met a woman with implants who wasn't a stripper.

  • metallicalover January 27, 2006

    braody- A girl would rather you wear a strap-on than to get poked with your little dick!!! LOL

  • moonchild69 January 27, 2006

    forget about the tits, i like a man who has the 5 o'clock shadow, looks manly and sexy~~~~

  • jack-hammer January 27, 2006

    Would have been better if some greenish goo where to splatter on him. Also agree with Metalicalover. punch her in the face

  • pablosdog January 27, 2006

    sorry moonchild but that was no five o'clock shadow, more like a day-five-without-shaving for that boy.

  • mon0xid3ch1ld January 28, 2006


  • jacksonsguilty January 28, 2006

    Natural DD's; feck that. Natural DD's means the chick's fat. Nothing better than fake titties.

  • woody1331 January 29, 2006

    WOW!! you guys are good! now you've found my 2nd ex wife! do I owe you money for this?

  • boogie_man707 February 28, 2006


  • vanna March 26, 2006

    Ha ha ha that was sooo funny...Say No to Fake Boobies

  • laitalian1818 June 9, 2006

    lol she was fake and he was pointy!

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