Ya Mon

Jesse U.
10,458 Views 1 decade ago

These bud commercials are so funny. Keep in mind you don't have to like the beer to enjoy the commercial.

  • djdynasty January 27, 2006

    too bad the dog doesnt piss on his head

  • mrmeatkabob January 27, 2006

    Very creative. Too bad Bud doesn't put as much effort or money into making their beer as they do their ads. Still funny, though.

  • metallicalover January 27, 2006

    Was that Bob Marley???

  • pablosdog January 27, 2006

    that's funny 'cause this one time at band camp this Rastafarians dreds growled at me too1

  • mon0xid3ch1ld January 28, 2006

    hmmmm clever but the beer comercials have been goin down the shitter lately

  • hummell07 January 29, 2006

    No I disagree monoxid, the new ones with the guy who stays after work for 5 extra minutes, or shops with his girlfriend while playoffs are on. Those are funny as hell.

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