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posted by Jesse U on 1/28/2006

Over Shot It

Looks like he won't be riding for a while. It's all fun and games until you break a couple of bones.
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Cock Sucker!

Virgin Ass Destroyed

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Stuffed to the rim with him!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you gotta pay to play
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 4:08 PM

Ha ha dumbfucker. You know that had to hurt. Dirt bikes are for jumping, crotch rockets are for racing. Get it right retard
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 4:17 PM

What a dumbshit
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 5:44 PM

guess he miscalculated the wind resistance with his lard ass going 60miles an hour dumbass!!
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 7:37 PM

What’s wrong with these dumb motherfuckers??? It would be a lot quicker to just jump off a bridge or put a gun in your mouth. Pathetic.
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 7:57 PM

You guys are all mad , but I’m glad. Guys like this keep me entertained and crazyshit makin money. Keep it up dipshits.
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 8:06 PM

I wonder if the bike cost as much as his medical bills? Looks like a fucking $10k mistake to me.
posted on: 01-28-06 @ 11:26 PM

He should have fitted air brakes !!!
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 11:55 AM

air brakes! hahahahahahahah ow Thats funny, what ya need buddy? An ambulance. hehe
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 5:00 PM

dumb fag
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 5:49 PM

You bet this pisses me off bildo. I’m tired of my tax dollars paying the medical bills and assistance checks for these brain damaged pieces of shit bastards!
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 7:44 PM

I wanna see one of these guys do it on like a HD Dyna Wide Glide or a Road King. That way when it flips and lands on top of you, no medical expenses! voila! just a minor cremation fee and some hors de’ vores for friends and family. haha
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 7:56 PM

a couple of questions.......where the fuck did they get all those foam rubber cube?? and two: who was the dude that said "you can go twice as fast..." oh yeah i love the part where he goes "aaaaaaaaahhhhh..............ow!"
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 5:18 AM

what would we do without morons like this to keep us entertained???? keep up the good work dumbfucks!!!!!!!
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 10:59 AM

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