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posted by Jesse U on 1/29/2006

Top 10 Sucker Goals

Now I'm not a big fan of the sport, but here are some pretty bad ass soccer calls.
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We love short shorts

Cock Sucker!

Virgin Ass Destroyed

Beach BJ

Stuffed to the rim with him!

Jennifer Aniston We Love You
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Some nice goals, but a goddamn gay sport. In Germany most people like it, even chicks. I fuckin hate it
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 5:29 PM

COOL! I love how the ball curves in the air!
posted on: 01-29-06 @ 5:51 PM

posted on: 01-29-06 @ 8:04 PM

Couldn’t even watch....rather jump off a bridge then watch this garbage!! How could any man consider this a real sport?? Thank god we have the NFL. I think i would go to church on sunday, if soccer was on, and i haven’t been there in 15 years. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 10:16 AM

Typical yank... try Rugby mate... these guys dont need nancy pampy padding like the pussys in your so called sport american football. Isnt it funny how yanks dont like any sport that other countries play? I mean you love borrrrring baseball and american football (which i think nobody else but the yanks like?!) Football (not f**king soccer) is skill... try it see if you can do it!!
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 11:07 AM

Never said anything negative about rugby...i think that’s one the toughest sports around you fucking moron!!! Now shut the fuck up and stay down under!!!
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 11:10 AM

Down Under?? Since when was England shifted to the southern hemisphere you gimp? Anywho Football is a sport about skill and tactics... not just running into someone head on ... i can do that (ok id be flattened and mushed into a pulp)..
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 3:59 PM

Lets face it, the only thing Americans see as skilled is eating a double bacon cheeseburger in two mouthfuls or less. Football is called football ’cos its played with the feet, American Football is called American Football ’cos everyone is too lazy to think of something else to call it. "i know Billy-Bob!! lets just stick ’American’ infront !!"
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 4:22 PM

The only sport I like to watch is Tag-Team Vagina Stuffing.
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 9:48 PM

no offense but there is no comparison between your rugby players and our NFL players.the sheer size alone of an NFL defensive lineman warrants using pads otherwise players get killed.
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 10:05 PM

have you ever set eyes on players like Jona Loma? Hes Bigger than 90% of american football players and runs smack bang into small players.. they get up and go for him again... ive seen players half hiz size run full pelt into him with no padding
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 7:19 AM

cookie030379 Im not a fan of football but i totally agree with everything you sead. The main thing i hate about american sports is they have a world series and they dont invite any other countries. And rugby players are bigger and stronger than your "American football" players thats why they dont use pads its also why they dont kill each other.
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 11:27 AM

Simon, what is Canads, chopped liver? Cookie, a question for you. If the rugby players are so good why are they not playing football in the US and make millions of dollars? I don’t know who Jona Loma is, but saying he is bigger that 90% of out football players is bullshit. You obviously have not seen football up close and personal.
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 4:04 PM

May i answer tree88? Money has destroyed alot of things, but here, in the UK there is still- honour, pure agression, club dedication, and many more things worth a damn sight more than money. Gooooogle Jona Luma, he’d knock ANY ’American football’ player flat and out for the count. Honour is worth more than money in any era.
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 6:41 PM

Actually i do know what im talking about as i had to live with a american football mad obsessed lad for 4 years... watched a lot of it and then went to the local rugby pitch to watch men basically beat the crap out of each other then go for a pint with each other afterwards.. god i love rugby. And seeing as Tree88 hasnt obviously seen jona luma its hard for me to take his comments seriously... ooo news flash the ’world’ series of the NFL was won by an american team.. funny hthat seeing as no other countries compete in it. And to answer the question they dont go to america to play your shit sport because a. they love rugby b. cos they think your a bunch of pansies and c. cos they dont wanna wear girly padding to protect them
posted on: 02-01-06 @ 12:11 PM

people in europe is the best thing
posted on: 02-01-06 @ 11:52 PM

In many countries, people plays proffessional rugby for free,just for passion for sports . There`s more important things in this world than money, you asshole. And do you know why you don`t play "american" football against other countries??? `cause you`re so fuckin affraid! you can`t win to a real team. why don`t you try a game? your pussies steelers against the All Blacks(from new zeland, you ignorant monkey). Shut the fuck up and go to eat a big mac (or maybe 5 for an "american" fatball like you ) and go watch your reallllllly gay games.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 6:12 AM

all you fuckers crack me up....you think american football is weak... and all you dumbfucks forgot to realize this country is the strongest and most powerfull country in the goddamn world!!! Everything we do is surperior and more powerfull then you dumb pussies will ever fucking realize. All your pussy ass countries only exist because america allows it too! Our Military, our athletes and countrymen are and will always be stronger then all your pathetic nations put together!!! Now go fuck yourself you soccer playing faggots!!!!
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 4:24 PM

Just so you guys know... i really do agree that most of the american football teams would practically die if they were to play rugby but not because they are wimps but because they are a totally different design of sportsman, they are mostly used to really quick bursts of energy then a rest, whereas rugby players are more endurance based and are still strong. But really everyone should give all sports a chance and not have to revert to threatening each other with wars.. 2npikn1nstink you must be very pro american so what if you could in theory take over the world you havent yet which means you probably wont be able to.. The British on the Other hand we already did that for a little while so in this case size dosent matter.
posted on: 02-03-06 @ 9:47 AM

good point mr_todd about the different ’type’ of sport. I still know they wouldnt stand a chance agains the mighty English or Auzzies or the all conquering All Blacks (although ahem.. England are the world champs!! yey) And actually 2npink1nstink we ALLOW America to think they are top dogs... after all you all coe running to Britain when you need someone to kick the shit out of someone cos you are too much of a pansy race to do it yourselves. The englsih is the strongest currency in the world.. our army (navy, air force) is the most feared and respected in the world.. we have the lowest rate of unemployment in the world.. basically ooo we beat you at everything we do.God bless America though fantastic people them yanks without them funding the IRA for 15 years the British wouldnt know how to fight terrorism as well as we do now.
posted on: 02-09-06 @ 4:19 AM

Why dont u Anglo-Saxons suck each other dick some more ?
posted on: 03-11-06 @ 7:39 PM

see what narrow minded idiots!! i play rugby and still i can say i think american football is a great sport because i dont care they are different sposrts its like comparing "soccer" and rugby or "soccer" and american football! god stop being such dicks
posted on: 04-09-07 @ 4:31 PM

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