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posted by Jesse U on 1/30/2006

When Bulls Attack

I almost want to reach out and help the chick, but really what can anybody do against a beast like that. It threw her around like a rag doll. That fucker will tear you up.
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
what do stupid bloody morons expect, when you stick spears into a bull!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes its a bit pissed off. could be worse, could be britney spears!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 12:18 PM

Hase anyone noticed how good these bulls are at undressing people?
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 12:38 PM

If a tree in the woods fall and land on britney spears does anyone care? That bull is pissed.
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 12:38 PM

I like the video where the bull shoves its horn right up someones asshole and carries him around for awhile. I bet it wasn’t as reamed out as Brittany’s ass is. Stupid ugly fat slut, you’re not hot anymore so quit running around half naked like anyone wants to see that shit
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 2:34 PM

i hope she’s dead
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 3:00 PM

Culling the herd...... just culling the herd....
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 3:08 PM

They should turn that bull loose on Celine Dion
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 3:52 PM

All illegal aliens we catch should be put in a ring dressed in red and let the bull go!!! For some reason this got me thinking of the old Marlin perkins show! While Jim gets horn fucked by a herd of horny rhinos i’ll tell you about Mutual Of Omaha Insurance!!!WTF
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 5:50 PM

I LOVED Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom metallica! This video make me sick. I hope she’ll b
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 7:33 PM

be OK.
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 7:36 PM

i do believe thats the video of the animal rights activist protesting the running of the bulls lol irony nigga
posted on: 01-30-06 @ 8:42 PM

Damn all those politically correct, vegetarian lesbians!
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 12:13 AM

I agree warchest and shitlooker.... the only time I can get a politically correct vegetarian to shut the hell up is when her face is buried in my choch
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 2:42 AM

^^^^^^^^^^LMAOROF ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
posted on: 01-31-06 @ 11:43 AM

karma cunts
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 1:42 AM

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