Even A Minor Mistake, Can Lead To Down Hill Disaster

Jesse U.
10,509 Views 1 decade ago

Yeah. I've seen all sorts of shit, but I think out of all the sports if you fuck up in this one, even a little bit, that's your ass. Whatever's left of it.

  • hagakure January 30, 2006

    LMAO, he must have lost his balls. Damn, I'd shit my self up to my chin. Those guys get goddamn fast.....

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  •   thundermug January 30, 2006

    I like the two man luge, where they lay on top of each other. How do you get into that? And I thought soccer was gay.

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  • metallicalover January 30, 2006

    I've wrecked harder on my sled when I was a kid and no helmet!!!

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  • pablosdog January 30, 2006

    I've wrecked harder on my mountain bike and my cruiser and on skis and, who the fuck cares. sorry!

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  • mechanicman January 30, 2006

    the people that design the tracks need to study rally car racing. If they would use human moron walls like the cars do the sleds would be much safer. there is no shortage of morons willing to stand at the edge of the track for the thrill of near life experiences.

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  • tree88 January 31, 2006

    Now that is a bad hair day

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  • mattsrn January 31, 2006

    That poor fucker will be shittin ice cubes for a week..

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  • zareste February 2, 2006

    how did the anti-soccer wimps get involved here? Does wannabe-rugby suck so bad they have to direct attention away from it?

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  • pablosdog February 2, 2006

    testicles are NOT brakes!!

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  • redlinerider February 2, 2006



    Apply liberally to the affected area.

    -That should take care of it.

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