Hey Man, Nice Shot

Jesse U.
9,405 Views 1 decade ago

He couldn't do that again if he tried. No fucking way!!! They should go play the lottery.

  • oldspice February 2, 2006


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  • bigdrop February 2, 2006

    good shit

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  • redlinerider February 2, 2006


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  • commoneagle February 2, 2006

    how many tries do you figure it took to get that shot on camera??? look at the globetrotters and the shit they do. some people are good at stuff i would not be too supprized if someone practiced enough they could do that shot fairly consistantly... for a while years ago i could get ten out of ten free throw shots consistantly. if i were dedicated back then and kept practising who knows how many i could get up to..one old dude i saw on a tv show does like seven hundred...

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  •   thundermug February 2, 2006

    Everyone has to have a hobby. At least he isn't spending his time in front of the TV. Or on the computer.......uh, I gotta go for a run or something.

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  • archemedes_rex February 2, 2006

    I like spending my time in front of a computer. I get to sit in a chair.

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  • metallicalover February 2, 2006

    commoneagle, fuk thu baskitbol and pratis yur spelin!!! I'd rather see girls jumping on trampolines!!!

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  • leopard February 2, 2006

    write us a book y don't ya.

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  • hatorihynzo February 2, 2006

    And Shaq cant make a simple free throw. Pathetic

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  • lankdog69 February 3, 2006

    commoneagle, you're my hero!

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  • diesel91 February 20, 2006

    Betcha he can't do that twice. Nice shot though

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