What Happens When You Nuke A Beer?

Jesse U.
11,326 Views 1 decade ago

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. When you drink a lot of beer, you get a lot of gas, and gas is explosive. Brilliant!!!

  • hagakure February 2, 2006

    nice work

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  • yokiti February 2, 2006

    Yea Mike... That could have hurt a ton.

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  • zazu pitts February 2, 2006

    How about nuke a hamster?

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  • kissieface3769 February 2, 2006

    hehe.. I wonder if my room mate has any beer left over...... hmmmmm

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  • redlinerider February 2, 2006

    That old microwave still had a pretty good seal til it broke.

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  • hatedogs February 2, 2006

    "How about nuke a hamster? " Fuck the hamster and fuck you. Nuke a filthy-assed puppy for grins. It would be really cool to nuke two little yappy lap dogs at the same time. You could bet on which one quits that mindless incessent barking first!

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  • metallicalover February 2, 2006

    hatedogs, I see your worthless, piece of shit ass is back! Too bad! I hope your ass gets gang raped by a wild pack of ST. Bernards!

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  • leopard February 2, 2006

    shit, fuck

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  • tribalattack February 2, 2006

    what a waste of good beer

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  • jimnkristy February 2, 2006

    Mmmmmmm beeeeerrrr!! Alcohol abuse man, pure alcohol abuse.

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  • warchest February 3, 2006

    The Humanity!

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  • pablosdog February 3, 2006

    nice explosion. I think the black powder helped. no way it was just beer.

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  • commoneagle February 3, 2006

    i should change my name to jumpyershit for this entry....dog hater you really have some issues don't you....you are just the kind of person who needs to be tailed because mass serial killers think like you do....and guess what you can be tailed from emailed

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  • sugarfree February 3, 2006


    you can get all kinds of shit happening in microwave if you put stuff in it... like cds or a toothpick set on fire

    but some ppl have just too much free time on their hands :P

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  • butchdefeo February 4, 2006

    Well? I would have to say the explosion was cool ,but , well these jerk offs where dumb enough not only to ruin a mirowave ,,but a good beer,, then they where dumb enough to sit it on there beer fridge and ruined it as well. im sorry but no beer , no beer fridge or the munchi's mirowave,,would make them complete retards

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  • i_s_p February 9, 2006

    Fuck the hampster and the dog lets try putting those toe in a giant microwave maybe they will explode while we drink beers :D

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  • capthundasmoke February 17, 2006

    Tell me those jagoffs weren't freekin Canuks. Eh der hoser, lets put one a dees 50's in microwave eh.

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  • mark23uk August 11, 2006

    fuck you, you cunt

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