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posted by Jesse U on 2/2/2006

The Fastest Bug I Ever Saw

Jesus!!!that's one quick fucker. I wonder what kind of engine do they have in that thing.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
From the exhaust note it is still a 4 cyl.... but I cannot imagine that it is the original VW 4. Maybe it is out of an 1100cc crotch roket. That would easily double the horspower, then a few mods on top of that...
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 1:04 PM

zazu pitts
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 1:28 PM

That was an unfair race anyways...mustange are garbage.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 2:19 PM

zazu - what a worthless post. If I see a post that I have no comments for I don’t post. Your a waste of kilobytes, dude.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 2:29 PM

holy shit that little fucker can move!!
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 3:00 PM

go little dude, GO!!! lol awesome hehe
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 3:30 PM

Can you say BUG BITE.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 3:50 PM

Yea that is an old joke. We had a comic strip depicting it on the bulletin board at work. Here’s something for real. Our plant manager threatened to tow employees cars if he found any Pepsi products visible in them.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 4:53 PM

It looked fast but if you look at his time its a slow run for a quarter mile.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 5:39 PM

Richard bug trannys are tuff as anvils. they make mucho parts to make um tougher and even can be made into 5 speeds with a Gene Berg parts kit. This was a VW engine , can’t mistake the sound of a flat four , and there are so many parts avalible you can build an engine with no original parts at all. I used to specialize in them and did many hot motors. At the time you could take a 1600 to 2180 , 48 ida webers , aftermarket big port heads , just a ton of shit for them like a small block chevy , many even used chevy rods. I used to love spanking the detroit iron guys with my 69 Ghia. Course you didn’t bother the guys with real cars , but the ocasional mustang snack was fun.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 6:58 PM

That was embarassing cuz I’m a Mustang fanatic!
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 7:09 PM

I couldn’t make out the time but I did on the speed. 107. That’s a couple mph faster than my uncles 99 Vette. Boy would I like to have seen that other drivers face after that run.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 7:27 PM

yeh but listen to the Tang, magic
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 8:25 PM

Hey mechanicman. remember the 1776’s vws got some bad ass little engines.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 9:14 PM

Yea Jim this damn video is makin me want another bug. With a close raito third that took that steep ratio change out they would fly with the right parts. the 1776 was a sweet little engine , especially if they were the bore the case jugs , the slip ins were a little thin on the cylinder walls. I gotta home made flow bench made just for vw heads right behind me in the shop , haven’t used it in years. Those damn Hondas would be hard to beat nowdays , they are where the VW used to be , king of the import hill.
posted on: 02-02-06 @ 11:43 PM

I can see it now "how did you do at the track, dude? Herby the love bug kicked my ass"
posted on: 02-03-06 @ 12:45 AM

That was cool. Now what happened to the mustang?
posted on: 02-03-06 @ 3:04 PM

lol that was cool) i wana bug like that!
posted on: 02-03-06 @ 8:42 PM

That car is owned by a guy named Dominic...... He lives in central california. The Bug is known as the "Evil Oval". He is a regular at the VW drags and works in the aftermarked VW industry. YES it’s a VW engine, and tranny..... BUT NOTHING resembles the origional VW engine in THAT car !!! Displacement is about 2300 cc’s Car runs deep in the 11 sec. range.....!!!!!!
posted on: 02-03-06 @ 11:53 PM

Bad ass veedub.
posted on: 02-07-06 @ 7:20 PM

I love the German Iron Cross on the hood. True dedication....
posted on: 02-17-06 @ 4:05 PM

The rag looking sun roof on it it looks to be a 60’s bug like the original herbie was, thats awsome F these kids toys I used to eat mustangs and spurred up honda’s and jetta’s and firebirds with just a old 90 eclipse turbo. All it takes is know when to take off and how to drive
posted on: 02-26-06 @ 5:16 AM

dont need to mod a bug to beat a mustang.
posted on: 09-25-08 @ 9:25 AM

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