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posted by Jesse U on 2/4/2006

Use Condoms

Other kids are the best form of birth control. Trust me.
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yeah, choke that little fucker with a condom.
posted on: 02-04-06 @ 3:02 PM

join the forum you fucking fags
posted on: 02-04-06 @ 4:14 PM

i’d smack the fuck outa that bitch ass kid and any one else who got in the way i cant stand that shit.
posted on: 02-04-06 @ 8:20 PM

No way my kids would get away with that shit. All I have to do is give them "The Look". crazyshit/forum/
posted on: 02-04-06 @ 8:37 PM

Looks like someone needs a good ole ass whipping!
posted on: 02-04-06 @ 9:30 PM

Reminds me of my days as a ’Toys ’R’ Us’ cashier. God, that was hell.
posted on: 02-04-06 @ 9:39 PM

posted on: 02-04-06 @ 11:09 PM

zazu pitts
It’s not an ad for birth control. It’s an ad for child control. I pulled this shit ONCE when I was a kid. One time. This is the kind of kid who will someday smack a dog with a skateboard.
posted on: 02-05-06 @ 10:30 AM

I’d stomp on his ugly ass then shoot the women who had that thing.
posted on: 02-05-06 @ 3:16 PM

id shoot the kid and cut his legs off then rape his momma
posted on: 02-06-06 @ 4:00 AM

WHATEVER!! ^^^ unfortunately, these threats don’t hold any water. it’s impossible to discipline your kid from prison. one mark on your kid and you get a DV, which, in Colorado, means you can never own a gun.
posted on: 02-06-06 @ 10:42 AM

ya’ll are some sick fuckers.....seriously, man, its a COMMERCIAL.....
posted on: 02-06-06 @ 10:48 AM

Stun guns/devices leave no mark and it’s kinda like homegrown shock therapy. Ass whippings worked for hundreds of years , now the do gooders can’t distinguish disipline from abuse. Man I’m glad I was never a parent , I hate prison.
posted on: 02-06-06 @ 2:24 PM

I spank my kids in the store if they are bad, I’d kill the fucker that wants to put me away for making my kids mind. But that little fucker? His only problem is that his parents are do-gooders that don’t belive in spanking. Send that little shit to me, I’ll have him minding in one week or less. Promise.
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 8:00 AM

I spanked my kid in the store for stealing candy, and some woman had the balls to say "How dare you!". I just looked at her and said "would you like to be next?!?!?!"
posted on: 02-13-06 @ 9:05 PM

I would beat the hell outa him. Oooh i would beat the hell out of him. I would shake...i would shake the hell out of him. No I wouldn’t shake the hell out of him. I would just beat the hell out of him. Crazy Motha Fucka
posted on: 03-28-06 @ 9:55 PM

im looking for joe manzo!
posted on: 05-27-07 @ 9:41 PM

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