If You Are Going To Be Dumb, Then You Better Be Tough

Jesse U.
12,008 Views 1 decade ago

He punched that floor with everything he had. Amazing he didn't even stop for it or anything.

  • metzger February 5, 2006

    Ha ha dumbshit. That other guy needs to learn some ground skills

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  • wolverino February 5, 2006

    i wasnt impressed with either of them...

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  • cap-n_obvious February 6, 2006

    why are they so mad at each other?

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  • gurtman23 February 6, 2006

    i dont understand punching someone on the skull it dont hurt them justs breaks your fingers fucking gay fat bald ugly cock suckers

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  • username February 6, 2006

    gay but they will own all of these fags^^^^^^^^

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  • honkey69 February 6, 2006

    toss why do these cocksuckers insist on punching each other in the back of the head get some fucking balls and stand and fight

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  • skyartist February 6, 2006

    When the one guy was crawling away and the other one grabbed him by the fat sweaty butt crack, it completely grossed me out.

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  • mrmeatkabob February 6, 2006

    Would someone explain to me how the world benefits by the existence of either of these two pieces of human garbage? Oh well, I guess it's better that they trash themselves and get it out of their systems, rather than beat up on innocent people on the street.

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  • hagakure February 7, 2006

    uhm, let me take a guess REDNECKS!!!

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  • jacksonsguilty February 7, 2006

    Nice punch to the ground. His best punch, when he really connected, was with the concrete. But at least he wasn't a pussy about it. It didn't even faze him that he just fucked up his hand. Maybe on pain killers. Some of those bigtime fighters use pain killers and heroin to get through the pain.

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  • kissieface3769 February 8, 2006

    username art thou stupid enough to picketh on the GURTMAN???? you stupid fuck!!! Gurt baby lets go make out

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  • manguba February 8, 2006

    they will pay for this in another day fucking stupid s

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  • buddernutts February 21, 2006

    Kick him in da nutts kick him in da nutts!!!!

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  • usaimee March 8, 2006

    where the hell do they find these morons???

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  • yomama01 August 5, 2006

    They look like they just got out of prison. All that hard time getting it in the ass must have made them angry. Those cars were almost as stupid looking as they were. They look like kkk or something. "Stop him homie!"...just stupid.

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  • teacupmassacre August 17, 2010


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