Step Up To Me

Jesse U.
7,166 Views 1 decade ago

That chunker looks like he's about to kill that kid. Kill him and eat him.

  • cell_491 February 8, 2006

    I think i can safely speak for all of us when I say, please stop posting videos of stupid little middle schoolers fighting. Its a proven fact that they cant fight worth a shit so what makes you think we want to see their pathetic attempts

  • metzger February 8, 2006

    Yeah no shit. Stupid fucker cant even torque a neck properly

  • kissieface3769 February 8, 2006

    hehe this is why you don't pick on the fat kid. :)~

  • thatoneguy February 8, 2006

    Personally I think some of the little kids fight better that a lot of drunk idiots we see.

  • madhatter4vr February 8, 2006

    The fight was gay, but the song is so fucking appropriate for that genre of video. Put that song in the top 10 knock outs, fucking Sevendust!!!

  • thundermug February 8, 2006

    Never come between a fat kid and his twinkie.

  • bigpoppa February 8, 2006


  • treehouse2003 February 8, 2006

    I love the music too. Really gives it the feeling that death is in the air!!! Fucking hardcore!!!!!

  • naughty_samara February 9, 2006

    LMAO what goes around comes around.

  • zazu pitts February 9, 2006

    Typical cowardly bully shit. Attacking someone from behind. I wish the other kid had found a half brick or something to pound the fucker with.

  • jacksonsguilty February 9, 2006

    When retards attack

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