The Taste Of Semen

Jesse U.
7,606 Views 1 decade ago

This goes out to all you young wives out there. Remember semen is full of valuable protein.

  • repent February 9, 2006

    Slurp it up, BITCH!

  • metzger February 9, 2006

    Would have been funnier if she gave a big smile at the end with spoodge on her teeth

  • naughty_samara February 9, 2006

    Cum has no taste.

  • tree88 February 9, 2006

    I don't know naughty.....never tasted it.

  • thundermug February 9, 2006

    Bitch better smile bigger or next time it's in her eye.

  • metallicalover February 9, 2006

    It also works wonders as a hair conditioner!!!

  • jacksonsguilty February 9, 2006

    If it was real she'd be all p-whining, "No, that's feckin' gross, nag, nag, nag!" Get back in the kitchen!!! And who said you could wear shoes?!!!

  • warchest February 9, 2006

    Good Girl!

  • tweek312 February 10, 2006

    It does have a taste but it really depends on the ejaculators diet. Many say fruit and juices sweeten it up while zeztier ingredients like vinigar (common in hot sauce and salad dressing) often make it somwhat undesireable. Trust me... Ive tasted.

    Yes I am a Faggot ass fudge packing pussy pushing bi sexual homofaggot... =D

  • cap-n_obvious February 10, 2006

    ^^^^ wow do I even have to say anything?

  • pablosdog February 10, 2006

    Just glad to be a man!!!

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