Super Bowl Commercials: Ameriquest Doctor Kills Fly

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For some reason, this Super Bowl Commercial sticks out as being the funniest of all. Maybe not at the time, but thinking about it later, how the Doctor killed the fly, and as the family walked in he was like, That killed him". Way too fucking funny! But for the life of me, I don't know what it had to do with Ameriquest.

  • yokiti February 9, 2006

    That one was good, but you guys didn't put my favorite on here. I like the Budweiser magic fridge commercial the best.

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  • metzger February 9, 2006

    The one where the guy spear tackles that chick and says "You were open, but now you're closed was my favorite". Also HEB did a commercial with Roger Clemens and David Carr. Carr walks in with an armload of groceries and Clemens wife is like WTF? Clemens then says Carr doesn't like sacks, but that was probably local here in Houston, yall probably dont get it

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  • naughty_samara February 9, 2006

    I LOVE IT!!!! these r great J!!!! put more up!

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  • mooserocky February 10, 2006

    The Ameriquest ads were playing as damage control.. they just lost one of a dozen lawsuits... totaling 300+million for predatory lending... chnaces are they will lose a bunch more than that... this commercial is trying to say even though we lost the suit. and screwed up.. dont rush to judge us to quickly...etc... regardless they are a pile of shit...

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  • pablosdog February 10, 2006

    Even loan sharks charge less vig on loans than these fuckers. But if you miss a payment they don't cause you physical harm which is a big plus in my book.

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