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posted by Jesse U on 2/12/2006

To Thrill Seekers Everywhere

These guys are some serious flying sons of bitches. I think I would piss my pants if I even tried to do any of this shit.
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Triple BJ went horribly wrong

Beach and Pussy = WIN

Taking on a BIG cock!

She should be in porn


She can take a TON of cock
Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Let me guess repent, all of this was edited too. Since you know so much about aircraft and the physics of flying, why dont you amuse us with some stupid ass remark about how the plane was edited into the shot or some ignorant shit like that. I hope you take the time to read the link i posted on the f-14 video, maybe you wont look like a stupid son of a bitch after you read it and realize you know nothing about aircraft!!! p.s. cool video, redbull air racing team kicks ass. Peter Besenyei is a bad ass pilot, big balls too!
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 2:14 PM

LMAO at them poor guys in the fishig boat.
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 4:05 PM

I bet these guys have to tape their ball sacks down to do this shit. OH... and .. not sure what ur talking about "st1d2db1" but SHUT THE FUCK UP! ;)
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 4:50 PM

"DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME" ???????????? How can I try it at home even if I wanted to?
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 5:13 PM

hey tweek why do you want him to shut up? is it because you and your little 13 year old buddies are afraid to learn anything ? you little dipshit, go wipe your nose before I tell your mom to turn on the parental controls on your ’puter.
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 5:46 PM

If I ever did that, there would have to be a windshield wiper installed on the inside to wipe the puke off.
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 7:12 PM

fake, gay, next.
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 8:24 PM

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaw trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nice andrenaline
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 9:58 PM

That was some cool shit. But kill the 80’s Top Gun music.
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 10:25 PM

Tweek, your right, you dont know what I am talking about so why dont you keep your fucking nose out of my buisness you fuckin spun out faggot. And what the fuck is it when you watch this shit your thinking about ball sacks???? Does the russian guy turn you on, or is the top gun music making you fantasize about Tom Cruise? FUCK YOU TWEEK!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on: 02-12-06 @ 10:49 PM

zazu pitts
Cool video. I especially liked the model being flown into the dock. Funny. The only part not to like was the LAME-ASS hair band soundtrack, what the fuck? By the way, you guys up there got some strong opinions about aviation.
posted on: 02-13-06 @ 11:19 AM

I don’t give a flying fuck about aviation or this goddamn video. GAYNESS FACTOR = 10.
posted on: 02-13-06 @ 1:12 PM

That wasn’t hair band music, that was Kenny Loggins.
posted on: 02-13-06 @ 8:39 PM

Rocky, I’m sure u rated it properly, for the fact that you are the worlds most experienced gayness expert, who went thru all gayness factors. Right?? Pull ur finger out of your ass and accept the fact, that those pilots got balls u couldn’t handle...... right??!! So STFU!!!!
posted on: 02-14-06 @ 4:17 PM

^^^ STFU you are just jealous because I told you the truth about your gayness on the previous pictures. As I said before I don’t give a flying fuck about aviation... if you like them pilots so much go ahead and suck their dicks...
posted on: 04-26-06 @ 10:20 AM

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