A Couple Of Grown Men Fighting!!!

Jesse U.
6,487 Views 1 decade ago

They need to start having a real street fighting Tv show. I think men everywhere would want to see that.

  • metzger February 12, 2006

    Good idea Jesse, but maybe some weapons would make it more interesting. I'd watch it

  • tweek312 February 12, 2006

    I know im not the first to say this but.... !PLEASE STOP PUTTING THESE DUMBASSES ON CRAZYSHIT!...they dont even deserve our grace.

  • tribalattack February 12, 2006

    WOnder if people prefer this over M.M.A.

  • bitteroldman February 12, 2006

    I agree with tweek. Fights aren't fun to watch unless the fighters are pissed off at each other. When two guys make an appointment to fight, it's not really a fight.

  • sanfordsarpie February 12, 2006

    kick his ass!!! Ill sit confortably in my computer chair and enjoy.

  • manguba February 12, 2006

    yea J i am agree whit the second

  • jacksonsguilty February 12, 2006

    I don't mind the fights. The mexican guy was owning him

  • woody1331 February 13, 2006

    This is called Fellon fights I think.

  • zazu pitts February 13, 2006

    I'm pretty sure that this fight was not sanctioned by any governing body in the professional fighting world.

  • knucklefux February 13, 2006

    duh...ever heard of ufc? sure they are in a "ring" and wear "gloves", but those gloves don't pad much. the reffing is pretty much the same. it all looks brutal to me.

  • rockybalboa February 13, 2006

    Neither of them know how to fight. GAYNESS FACTOR = 8.3

  • ibdirty1 February 21, 2006


  • tman7772 March 6, 2007

    bitch fight.it takes the irish to show a good stand up, blood and knuckel.

  • markausly May 19, 2009

    why wasnt the mexican guy punching his ribs?? they white nigga keeps hiding his head but gets hit rofl loser...

  • okjames September 5, 2010


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