He Was Playing Nice

Jesse U.
2,955 Views 1 decade ago

fuck that!!! I would have thrown him in a closet. Little fucker.

  • simon154 February 16, 2006


  • tree88 February 16, 2006

    2nd. It may just be me, but i didn't understand anything said....

  • metallicalover February 16, 2006

    I love dogs, but that was funny!!! My poor dog had to wear one of those lampshades once!

  • sanfordsarpie February 16, 2006

    That shit was great. I would be pissed off to if I had to wear a lamp shade around my neck.

  • mad cow February 16, 2006

    lol,,,stupid dog,,,haha,,,not sure that guy got laid that night

  • archemedes_rex February 16, 2006

    It's called a 'Victorian collar', not a lampshade. I'm wearing one right now. So I won't scratch, you know.

  • tribalattack February 16, 2006

    Victorian collar? what a dumb name. Lampshade makes more sense.

  • cap-n_obvious February 16, 2006

    I wonder how many chips he stuffed in its ass before the chick came back

  • deathtolls24_7 February 16, 2006

    UHHH i dident get it but if you guys did more power to ya

  • metallicalover February 17, 2006

    Archmedes you need to try Frontline

  • nitr0s February 17, 2006


  • pablosdog February 17, 2006

    cable is better than satellite!

  • zazu pitts February 17, 2006

    This dog gets in a lot of foriegn commercials. Wasn't he in the last one?

  • hatedogs February 17, 2006

    The dude should have fast pitched the cat shit eating mutt straight into the fire place and dared the stupid bitch to do anything about it. And Metalica are a bunch of little fagot menstrual-stinking shitballs who deserve to have their tiny little dicks ripped off with vice grips.

  • pablosdog February 20, 2006

    obviously a dog ate hatedogs balls. I'd love to hear him read his own comments in that Micheal Jackson voice of his. hahahahaha

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