Speed Crash Compilation

Jesse U.
6,401 Views 1 decade ago

There are some nice wrecks in this one. I like the music too. I know it's an older track, but it works.

  • yokiti February 17, 2006

    Man, I just love that song. And I love racing. Ecellent combination.

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  • pitbull89x February 17, 2006

    Ooooh man BRING THE PAIN!

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  • metzger February 17, 2006

    I love seeing motorcyclists getting high-sided on corners and getting thrown off like a bullrider. MotoGP/AMA riders don't get the respect they deserve for how crazy/brave they are.

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  • kissieface3769 February 17, 2006


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  • mad cow February 17, 2006

    fuck,,anyone alive??lol

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  • deathtolls24_7 February 17, 2006

    ohh shit!!!

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  • tribalattack February 17, 2006

    Shit, u think thats bad, once i was on the trampoline when i had diarrhea.

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  • cap-n_obvious February 17, 2006


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  • whocares February 17, 2006

    that's gonna leave a bruise.

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  • sanfordsarpie February 17, 2006

    That was pretty cool. I think the indycar wrecks were the best. Youre rite metzger, those motogp racers are fucking crazy, they dont even have a roll cage to save their sorry asses.

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  • tweek312 February 18, 2006

    Amazing the technology we have to keep these drivers and riders safe. Like the Sound Track too! If you look closely nearly 50 percent of those crashes were in the wide turns of my favorite track in the US... Laguna Seca! Favorite in the world is Der NÜRBURGRING

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  • redlinerider February 18, 2006

    I give the gp/ama guys mad respect. They live doing the shit I only wish I could.

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  • appletree February 18, 2006

    songs class there is a version done by richard cheese now thats fucking class

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  • zazu pitts February 18, 2006

    Here's one reason why I don'e respect these racer people. When the car wrecked into the pitstop and plowed into several people, the other pitstop guys just ran out with their tires and stuff instead of looking to the needs of injured human beings.

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  • tribalattack February 18, 2006

    Zazu how can you be so insensitive. Tires are precious. If it wasnt for tires this world would not function. Human beings have no feelings. Look at all the crap humans do to each other. Black, white, yellow, Red.... all the same... But Michellin, Toyos, Yokohama, Good Year, Pirelli, Dunlop all have different wear and unique treads you incensitive tire-ist.

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  • jacksonsguilty February 18, 2006

    Great song.

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  • pablosdog February 20, 2006


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