Rescue Operation Gone Bad

Jesse U.
6,202 Views 1 decade ago

That guy had been drinking since early that morning. He says he didn't see the boat. Yeah right!!! You were drunk Bitch!!!

  •   jrshabadoo February 26, 2006

    so the fucking coast gaurd is'nt allowed to slow down?? fuck'em......RAMMMING SPEEEEEEEEDD!!!!

    oh yeah.. 1st post ;p

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  • metzger February 26, 2006

    Yeah I would have left their stupid asses to drown. I think it was Rabanga giving his dad some head, thats why he didn't see the big boat coming

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  • guyschips1 February 26, 2006

    well if i was gonna wreck into someone, it would definetly be the people who were gonna save me from drowning

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  • briandee February 26, 2006

    He ran a red light !!!

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  • tree88 February 26, 2006

    why are all the girls on the left side of this page from my home town?

    Oh, dumb asses deserved to die, lucky the coast guard boat driver turned on just side swiped them. If he had run over them they most likely woulld be feeding the fish down under the water.

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  • sanfordsarpie February 26, 2006

    "The first time I noticed the boat being there was when I hit it". Fucking priceless.

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  • archemedes_rex February 26, 2006

    The girls on the left side of the screen are always from my hometown too, tree88. What I want to know is, why does 'yummy69girl' have a picture of a different person every day?

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  • iluvkissieface February 27, 2006 women say the same thing. Their name is Texassweetheart, from Pittsburgh, PA so it's a fraud! I agree with the first post. Is the C.G. allowed to kill people just because their drunk? If I'm speeding down the road in my Hummer and someone’s approaching an intersection, I can yell,

    "Watch out"! If the guy doesn't slow down, I can ram him?

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  • commoneagle February 27, 2006

    pasted below is guyschips1 ' s comment!!! now that is the kind of reasoning i like .... yep might as well run into an ambulance if your going to crash yer car too... : )

    by: guyschips1 on: 02.26.06 1:52 PM well if i was gonna wreck into someone, it would definetly be the people who were gonna save me from drowning

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  • ed>ie February 27, 2006

    "i dint even know it was there" open your sodding eyes then nob cheese! furthermore, i bet hes never had a car accident, yet he drives his boat in thousands of miles of water being a clever dick overtaking another lonely boat, and BANG!! have some of that! bet he pissed his pants, pussy!

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  • pablosdog February 27, 2006

    I love reading some of these posters ranting and raving before their meds kick in.

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  • belgarath February 28, 2006

    Even if the Coast Gaurd didn't want to slow down, WTF is wrong with the steering on their boat, did they just have say "gee, i think he's gonna hit us, maybe i should turn this here wheel thingy, ah fuck it, too much work."

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  • jacksonsguilty February 28, 2006

    I'd say it was the Coasties' fault because although the smaller craft should've yielded to the larger vessel, the Coast Guard boat was moving faster than the smaller boat. He should've blasted his horn to signal if he was going to leave the smaller boat on his starboard side. Aren't horn blasts recognized more so than a P A?

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  • zareste March 1, 2006

    Note the reversal in words: "When the boat hit ME"

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  • jacksonsguilty March 2, 2006

    They were looking for a boater in trouble. I think they found him. Call SeaTow!

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