Everyone Needs It

Jesse U.
5,889 Views 1 decade ago

I dont understand this commercial, but I think it's funny as shit when those guys just drop. Kills me evey time.

  • ert March 6, 2006

    Three first posts I'm the Pirate king

  • sheer_angel March 6, 2006

    and ya still haven't said anything worth reading

  • ert2 March 6, 2006


  • crazycory March 6, 2006

    I guess vayago makes parachutes...

  • cap-n_obvious March 6, 2006

    butt pirate king maybe

  • maracucho March 6, 2006

    WTF is vayago???????? crazyamericans......

  • bungsta March 6, 2006

    ok lazy bastards, i googled it for ya, Vayago is a travel insurance company... Since they were traveling, on an elevator, they would be ok if they'd have Vayago travel insurance. lame, but that's what it means.

  • kuriosity March 6, 2006

    I saw that it was for travel insurance when I googled it. But then on the info for the commercial it says "always good to have a management re-shuffle now and again" I don't know what theat has to do with travel insurance. Whatever.

  • kaoticflash March 6, 2006

    I think Vayago is travel insurance....... vayago/.

  • buddernutts March 6, 2006

    I thought vayago was some sort of sex drug. Just kidin, Everyone needs a blow job woulda been better, cuz its better to be blown then to be fucked like the old geezers in that clip......I'm done.

  • joey_gladstone March 6, 2006

    yeah i guess thats getting you their faster.

  • tribalattack March 6, 2006

    hey guys I got it. I got it! I got it! Vayago is a travel insurance company.

  • pablosdog March 6, 2006

    good job tribal!! your only 4 1/2 hours behind the first guy to say it's travel insurance. how's that dial-up working for ya?

  • lamech March 7, 2006

    Who the fuck cares, 5 less corporate fucktards in the world

  • jacksonsguilty March 7, 2006

    I did a google search. Vayago makes sadistic killer elevators. Their target audience is murderous killers who own high rises.

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