Basketball Player Gets His Eye Popped Out

Jesse U.
6,215 Views 1 decade ago

And who said basketball wasn't a full contact sport. That had to hurt. Not that I ever want to endure such a thing, but I wonder what your vision looks like while that's happening.

  • jollydodger March 18, 2006

    Hey keep an eye out for that guy will ya! (Sorry, EYE to be the first to say it.)

  • texasjamracer March 18, 2006

    Eye can see why somthing like that would hurt do you think he can.

  • sk8erboi1234 March 18, 2006

    that aint painful just pop it back in and carry on pussy

  • tribalattack March 18, 2006

    I didn't know it had popped out when i saw that on TV.

  • kissieface3769 March 18, 2006

    when the hell did that happen?? sorry guys, I don't watch basketball

  • metallicalover March 18, 2006

    wack ass basketball players

  • justwrong March 18, 2006

    thats why the baby jesus created us a spare

  • murderdeathkil March 19, 2006

    pussy ass nigger! You don't see a white dudes eyes poppin out!! It must be the sicle cell, LOL!!! ahhhh black people...

  • illuminated March 20, 2006

    murderdeathkil pencil dick cracker!!!!!!!!!

  • tamaplayr March 21, 2006

    I bet the refs didnt even call a foul.

  • loren_54 March 22, 2006

    Holy shit. That negroe got his day FUCKED UP. That would suck SO unbelievably bad.___Loren

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