Caught With Their Pants Down

Jesse U.
15,461 Views 1 decade ago

That cop is just fucked up. It was probably that’s kids first time getting ass in his dad’s car and he just fucked it up for him. Playa Hater!!!

  • tree88 March 20, 2006

    I don't have a life....four 1st posts..

    Oh, I have also had that happen to me. Ain't no fun. Luckily the cop was a friend from high school.

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  • pitbull89x March 20, 2006

    haha oh man....that cops a dick, then again most cops are dicks. I feel for that dude....ive been in that situation a couple times.....pretty funny afterwards tho

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  • jumbo118 March 20, 2006

    That cop just wanted the pussy for himself!!!

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  • justwrong March 20, 2006

    straight cops... didn't even have the flashlight on the guy, just checking out the cute red panties. Had to laugh his ass off afterward. wish it had been the cops sister.

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  • kissieface3769 March 20, 2006

    they should have gotten a room at the no-tell motel.

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  • heffe March 20, 2006

    i dont know what sucks more...the fact that he got caught by a cop, or the fact that he got caught by Conan O'Brain the cop

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  • calibaldie March 20, 2006

    So now we know what Conan O'Brain does after his leaves his show that no body watches in the first place. I hate it every sinnle time i got busted this way.

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  • bobbyplummer19 March 20, 2006

    it was on cops in viginia beach,va the guy got caught with his pants down. he didn't go to the city jail. he went tothe brig, he was a.w.o.l from the navy he won't be fuckin for awhile. sail on sailor

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  • illmalvoyou March 20, 2006

    I hate pigs . Those kids are out in the middle of noplace not bothering a soul. Fuck go catch some real criminals .Like his bitch ass never did anything like that b4 .

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  • metallicalover March 20, 2006

    Like alot of you, if I had a dollar for everytime I got busted fucking in the park? What are you doing in there son? Uhhh nothing sir! Then get the fuck out and let me in there! Asshole cop! Do you have to shine your fuckin light on us while we get dressed you perv?

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  • mad cow March 20, 2006

    thats some funny shit,,last time i got cuted,,i puled my military ID and all I got is a carry on SIR,lol,yud think cop are not human,,,same shit as us, so next time you go walmart,,,do yur girl in the parkin lot at 8 am,lol,,its funny to see employees faces

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  • looney March 21, 2006

    That cop has never seen any action ,he looked more confused than anything else.

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  • tweek312 March 21, 2006

    I got caught with a chick sucking my dick once... It was day time we were in a open parking lot with no cars. Some bitch decides to park right next to us in her 50 foot tall blazer and decides to peer in on me getting head. She backed up and started taking down my plates... I zipped up, hopped in the front seat of the car and got the fuck outta there! It was hella funny... glad i didnt get in trouble. =D

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  • tamaplayr March 21, 2006

    Fucking Cops, so afraid someone might be having a good time.

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  • woody1331 March 21, 2006

    I got out of a DUI one time because I convinced the cop I was weaving because I was getting road head. lol Well....I WAS getting road head, but I still should have gotten a DUI. What I got was a warning for "other violations". Not all cops are assholes. lol

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  • pablosdog March 21, 2006

    Not all cops are assholes, true. But that one sure is! I hope he goes home and catches his wife in an interracial gangbang, than finds some Bot fly larvae in his neck. Fucker!

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  • loren_54 March 22, 2006

    Thats why you should do it INSIDE A HOUSE or some establishment with walls....

    Maybe a bathroom at the nearest stop?


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  • dirtyd March 23, 2006

    loren you fuckin freak bitch, in a bathroom at a gas station. dumb whore.

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  • loren_54 March 23, 2006

    Yes dirtyd. A gas station. Becuase I totally said that in the comment you're responding too. Who in their right mind would do that in a GAS station? Fucking illiterate fool.

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  • jacksonsguilty March 25, 2006

    I was in Rosarito, Mexico during spring break one time and I did this chick in a stairwell at this high rise hotel there. The hotel was nice, too. Then she needed to go pee, so she just went in the stairwell. Funny ass shit when you're drunk as fuck.

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  • crazycory March 26, 2006

    She looks hot...that sucks! True story: This exact thing happened to me behind a bank in tampa, except we had the top off of her 'Del Sol', and the cop rolled up in a k-9 blazer 4x4, so his lights shined right inside...scared the shit out of us! Luckily for me the cop knew her dad, he is a well known local football coach, so he let us go. (Unlucky for her). I never got to see her again, and the sucks because she would have made my top 3 hottest lays ever, she was amazingly sexy...If you read this- e-mail me Taryn, I'd like to try that again!

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  • stiffy September 5, 2008

    Tthat cop is gonna wank as soon as the camera is gone.

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  • thespider January 18, 2010

    ummm ok very gay

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