Break A Leg!!!

Jesse U.
3,892 Views 1 decade ago

Man you have to be insane to want to break your own leg. An act of desperation.

  • kinslayer March 28, 2006

    Someone asked me to break their leg to get out of basic training

  • d_marshall March 28, 2006

    That is one desperate way to get out of the 3rd shift at Burger King............

  • buddernutts March 28, 2006

    Probly done in back room at a work place so the fucker could sue or something. Ouch! GROW SOME BALLS FUCKER, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

  • jack-hammer March 28, 2006

    Gimme the god damn hammer and I'll show you how its done, crank him right over his febble minded brain bucket

  • jimnkristy March 28, 2006

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Next time do it to his fuckin head. Dumbass

  • justwrong March 28, 2006

    the guy who did that for him is one sick he can sue him for practicing medicine without a licence

  • hail2redskins March 28, 2006

    i could never do that...

  • samdog March 28, 2006

    Guy missed his nuts by two feet...bad aim! I do believe that a psych consult is definitely in order.

  • braody March 28, 2006

    yeah next time he should try to pop his head with that weight... what a fucking moron... why?

  • calibaldie March 29, 2006

    I would have cracked his freeking knee that way the sick fuck would always remember and say "why did i do that for" What a retard.

  • biggibb March 29, 2006

    Somebody do that fuck a favor and shoot him in the head.

  • kkkkilla March 29, 2006


  • pablosdog March 29, 2006

    need to get a God of their own understanding in their lives............. so he can kill them

  • godsavethequee March 29, 2006

    basic way to get out of third trsck training

  • rockybalboa March 31, 2006

    Those fucking niggers do anything to get out of the army...

  • yor November 14, 2007

    he must have been way high for not even screaming his ass off. and im not even sure if the job was done,theres got to be a part 2.

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