Just A Little Frustrated

Jesse U.
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Now don't quote me, but I'm willing to bet he's just a little frustrated with this war. Why else would he do this shit?

  • kinslayer March 28, 2006

    Again...1st to ask why they did not let him finish the Quickie Mart off????

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  • d_marshall March 28, 2006

    He was probably pissed cause they were out of bonbons.....................

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  • buddernutts March 28, 2006


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  • djdynasty March 28, 2006

    i have a fucking gun...why doesnt the store have one? I would of shot the mother fucker!

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  • justwrong March 28, 2006

    some dude did that in sacramento, except he threw denatured alcohol on Abu and lit him on fire. Abu proceeded to torch the quickie mart with his head. F-ing greusome

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  • archemedes_rex March 28, 2006

    Time to switch to Sanka.

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  • samdog March 28, 2006

    No Sudafed for the meth lab dammit. I'll show them!

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  • cirrhosis99 March 28, 2006

    What else would you expect when your wife is on the rag and the store is out of tampons...

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  • nutsatchel March 28, 2006


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  •   thundermug March 28, 2006

    Looks like they had a sale on doughnuts too...

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  • diesel91 March 29, 2006

    thank you, come again. Do not be staring at the dot on my forehead it is not polite! Do not be drinking from slurpy machine it is not sanitary. I would be just as pissed off as this guy if I had to hear those words one more time.

    Do you know why the women wear that dot on their forehead? When they get married the husband scratches it off to find out if he won a 7-11

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  • calibaldie March 29, 2006

    Hey diesel91 tired of hearing those words then dont stare at the dot and dont drink from the slurpy machine that freeking sick other poeple want some slurpy too. Without your stinking germs. Hey Sabu wheres your dam rocket propelled granade. Word of advise use it on this worthless barturd. Before he wrecks all of your empire errr i mean you 7-11. Dont be scared Sabu hell you have numbers 3 Sabus one crazy ass white dude. You got to love how he acts all tuff like yea im gonna kick some Sabu ass. Then when the cops show up he lies down like a fucking little bitch. What a dushbag.

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  • kissieface3769 March 29, 2006

    wow.. I didn't think pre-paying for gas was such a big deal

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  • woody1331 March 29, 2006

    Hey calibaldie you dumbass! They tazered him you fucking idiot!

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  • kkkkilla March 29, 2006

    Thaught I was gonna see a fire.. Dang...

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  • tattoodave March 29, 2006

    Ill bet when it was over the cops hit-up Osama for FREE coffee and donuts! (by the way..... I dont give a fuck about trees.)

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  • cap-n_obvious March 30, 2006

    is this a lost episode of benny hill?

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  • rockybalboa March 31, 2006


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  • calibaldie March 31, 2006

    Hey dick i mean woody1331 i thougth the cops only tasered black dudes when they asked for directions i didnt think they would tazer a good ole american man wrecking a ragheads 7/11. My bad dick. sorry i mean woody1331. Besides you ack like that stupid fuck is your brother or something.

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  • youngblood48 April 7, 2006

    i cut down trees! fuck all of you!!!!!!!

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  • clusterlizard July 30, 2009

    Obviously a hate filled liberal

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