Keep Hands Of Glass

Jesse U.
5,053 Views 1 decade ago

Well that's one way to keep hands of your glass. Just remove the whole thing!!

  • buddernutts March 29, 2006

    Funnier if one of them fucks fell right on though.

    (1 st)

  • sweeredwine March 29, 2006

    funny shit

  • pitbull89x March 29, 2006

    i would definately fall for that shit....i always use the glass instead....but who wants to bend over and push on the bar? that shits like at my knees

  • inches March 29, 2006

    I would love it if the person posting this would learn how to spell the word (off)

  • tweek312 March 29, 2006

    Funny however... in America the company who owned those doors would get sued.

  • justwrong March 29, 2006

    yeah...wish I had hands of glass

  • zazu pitts March 30, 2006

    I think this footage was shot about the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Where's Alan Fundt?

  • rockybalboa March 31, 2006

    Fucking niggers

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