Going Out To Play

Jesse U.
2,578 Views 1 decade ago

Snowboarding seems fun as hell. I think I'll go out and try it one day. Right after I have that ginger kid killed.

  • shiver March 30, 2006

    First... and yes kill that fucking ginger kid, same goes for all you other gingers

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  • crazycory March 30, 2006

    Not to be too technical, but I'm pretty sure Cartman refers to these gingers as 'Daywalkers'. Nice production, great song, an overall enjoyable experience, I give it 2 thumbs WAY up! That kids pretty f#&kin' talented, & way more clutch than Bodie...

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  • justwrong March 30, 2006

    it's kinda like, you know, you know, steezy, and I get fully stoked, you know.... You know what the hardest part of snowboarding is? Telling your parents you're gay.

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  • jrshabadoo March 30, 2006

    i've seen this all before.

    the board does all the work , all the guy has to do is hold on.

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  • mad cow March 30, 2006

    ive got a K2 free ride board myself and ride for years.too funny to see those american tourist in canada hited by avalanche,lol,,,,before you guys come in canada and destroy our canadian ski resorts,lol,,,just try kite boarding,,,its fun and gives you a good idea on keeping yur balance .

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  • pablosdog March 31, 2006

    ginger kid has got an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL!!!!! what the fuck have you got, bitch?

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  • ruzo626 March 31, 2006


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  • cirrhosis99 March 31, 2006

    It does look fun..better drunk

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  • eltrut March 31, 2006

    What the fuck is Carrot Top doing on the slopes?

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  • essexboy March 31, 2006

    ginger minge

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  • calibaldie April 1, 2006

    Hey pablosdog may i answer that question for mad-cow? ok He has a gold medal but we Canadians have the French. Enough said. I better not see you in any of our ski resorts ass wipe or i will wipe your ass off this contenant.

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  • pablosdog April 3, 2006

    was not talking to you ^^ or madcow savant and I started skiing before your mommy stopped shitting her diapers, so I doubt you can wipe my ass at any ski resort cumstain.

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