Best Diet Ever

Jesse U.
58,936 Views 1 decade ago

Dude you can sign me up for this shit. No excercise, no crazy diets. Sounds good to me.

  • cirrhosis99 April 1, 2006

    Technology will never cease to amaze me....that is one cool invention...

  • tweek312 April 1, 2006

    I'm buying one...Just called the bank and got the loan approved. You could make an ass load of cash off that thing.

  • justwrong April 1, 2006

    hmmm. liquifies fat, to be absorbed into the blood stream and hopefully be shat out later. I hope it gets deposited in the Aortas of them fat bastards. Heart attack city. good.

  • poolqt April 1, 2006

    WHERE DOES MY FAT ASS SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  • redlinerider April 1, 2006

    I actually brought this up to a doctor that i once worked with when he came in to remove the Cataract from a dogs eye at the clinic I work at, his machine used ultrasound and it seemed simply amazing to me.

  • viernes April 2, 2006


  • archemedes_rex April 2, 2006

    Hell, I'd pay money to GAIN some damn weight!

  • hatorihynzo April 2, 2006

    The best way to get rid of fat in the U.S. is to put all the fat people on an island and nuke them fat mutha fuckas

  • zonker April 2, 2006

    No - smoke their flesh and send them to Africa

  • ronsxi April 2, 2006

    at least now israel can help america lolllllllllll

    keep up the good work israel;)

  • calibaldie April 3, 2006

    israel sucks and fuck the gazza strip

  • sweeredwine April 3, 2006


  • ronsxi April 4, 2006

    i wish israel would fuck the gaza strip

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