Salvia Divinorum?

Jesse U.
25,126 Views 1 decade ago

I have never heard of this shit. Anybody out there got some more info on this shit?

  • sweeredwine April 3, 2006

    wtf it stops after 10 seconds i guess it should not be seen by any one

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  • kinslayer April 3, 2006

    Available on Ebay

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  • gwaltsix8 April 3, 2006

    Yea It comes in leaf form, or the more suggested extract. I have some 10x and it is unlike anything else, some people hilucinate with their eyes open (my friend thought we were a ferris wheel) some just interpret the world differently. It is a very strange drug that many dont like, but some do. You can get a good price at Iamshaman..thats where i got mine

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  • pitbull89x April 3, 2006

    the video stops.....should fix that shit

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  • devoe April 3, 2006

    Someone fucked up. Click save-As.

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  • burgie April 3, 2006

    Fucktards-esp. James

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  • cap-n_obvious April 3, 2006

    what kind of monkey shit is this?

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  • hatorihynzo April 3, 2006

    gwaltsix8 you are right. I got mine from the same place. I got the 6X standardized and it f.cks with your mind. The feeling only lasts for about 5-10 minutes and starts to fade away. 30 minutes after you smoke it you still feel a buzz but your back to a normal state of mind.

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  • calibaldie April 3, 2006

    dam does drug use stop your video clip 10 seconds into after ist start?

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  • looney April 4, 2006

    That shit has got to be worse than smoking dope.Since jackass come out i dont smoke any bongs my friends give me ,i think they will lace it with some other shit like cat hair or axel grease.

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  • bungsta April 4, 2006

    Like was previously mentioned, you have to right click and save file as...

    Anyways, I wouldn't waste your time, it's probably the most retarded video posted on this site, some fat moron getting high and not being able to make a sandwich, big fucking deal.

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  • kkkkilla April 4, 2006

    High as a giraffe's ass. That goofy mofo thought he was bout ta have a heart-attack. That's what's wrong wit some of you fucks. You brain dead. Pass dat shit son......

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  • teamshowoff April 4, 2006

    it should be called stupid shit

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  • jonathonnulph April 4, 2006

    I tried it, kind of felt like being trapped inside a Salvador Dali painting; it was really weird. Only lasted a few minutes, but I wouldn't do it again...

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  • cap-n_obvious April 5, 2006

    wow that must be some potent shit the camera was high too

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  • pablosdog April 5, 2006

    does not give euphoric sensations. most people don't like it. in other words, it does not make you feel good.

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  • miked April 6, 2006

    i cant get it to play all i get is save target any help? im a sorry newbe

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  • krazyjuli April 9, 2006

    you can buy it here at the head shops... legal and comes in a 10x in a bottle... its awesome... you need to make sure someone is around sober though... youll trip hardcore for between 15 sec to like 3 min after you hit it... we toked it in a lil plastic 9in bong...

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