Nasty Snowmobile Accident

Jesse U.
3,493 Views 1 decade ago

Those poor people never saw it coming. They were just minding thier own shit and then bam!!! A world of hurt.

  • yokiti April 5, 2006

    What I need you to do Mom is stand near the corner where you can get a good view...

    1st post, biiaatches!

  • tattoodave April 5, 2006

    Just goes to show ya,,,dont stand at the bottom of the hill,,

  • burp April 5, 2006

    Bowling for dumbasses.

  • buddernutts April 5, 2006

    I snowmobile in the winter months up here where I'm at and I gotta tell ya, that up there is what we guys around here call, "DUMBFUCKER". Funny ass shit.

  • syris2304 April 5, 2006

    I think the rider got hurt the worst since it appears that the sled never hit anyone one the ground, but came very close.

  • kinslayer April 5, 2006



  • justwrong April 5, 2006


  • canukcop April 6, 2006

    I'm back mutha fuckas!

  • rockybalboa April 6, 2006

    Did you see all those niggers on the floor?

  • devoe April 6, 2006

    Naw it didnt really hurt anyone. Must of been divine intervention.

  • calibaldie April 13, 2006

    freeking human bowling pins. rocky what a fucken retard i never seen any niggers at a ski resort. welcome back canuk freeking french/canadian maroon. lo.

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