Where Did You Have Sex?

Jesse U.
6,110 Views 1 decade ago

I know sometimes chicks are airheaded, but jesus!!! talk about retarted. Doomass!!!

  • yokiti April 5, 2006

    My kind of girl!

  • tattoodave April 5, 2006

    Now THATS what Im talkin about."Go ahead and tell em'' he says. They must be in CANADA,,,or FRANCE!

  • crazycory April 5, 2006

    I gotta show everyone this one, this is some funny shit. I kept waiting for him to get busted somehow lying, wasn't expecting that @ all...good times...

  • boardsurfer April 5, 2006

    This is a setup. The original was on a gameshow back in the 70's. It aired recently on "Funniest Gameshow Mishaps" or some shit like that.

  • justwrong April 5, 2006

    ha ha

  • illmalvoyou April 5, 2006

    Yeah boardsurfer ! I cant think of the name of that show ....... Oh the "newlywed game" or show something like that .

  • jnoots April 5, 2006

    Bloopers game show lady, big fat ass that liked it there.

  • ixolite April 6, 2006

    they are dutch

  • cirrhosis99 April 6, 2006


  • rockybalboa April 6, 2006

    White niggers.

  • izzy_phukdup April 6, 2006

    The Game show was "The Newlywed Game".

    Bob Eubanks Hosted it.

    It turned out that the incident in question happened in a 1977 episode where Eubanks asked a wife (Olga) where the weirdest place that she and her husband Hank had the urge to "make whoopee" was. After drawing a blank, and prodded by Eubanks to give an answer, the wife responded, "In the ass" (with "ass" bleeped out). As everyone in the studio laughed uproariously, Eubanks clarified the question, asking for the weirdest location.

  • hydrochronics April 7, 2006

    lol@ rocky

  • calibaldie April 13, 2006

    you siad it rocky one of your white niggers. fucking russian immagrants. they suck too.

  • zonker May 17, 2006

    'In de Gloria' Belgian show - not Dutch.

    They speak Dutch, BELGIAN Dutch. As opposed to Belgian French.

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