Girls Are So Stoooopid

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Yes, it’s a kinda lame video, but it just goes to show no one ever reads between the lines. Except for like two chicks, those are our future. I’m so excited!!!

  • andycz April 9, 2006

    this is a bit shit, 1st for me :-D

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  • cirrhosis99 April 9, 2006

    I'd been like show me your tits to end women suffrage.

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  • bitteroldman April 9, 2006

    Reminds me of when I was in grade school and we used to ask the girls if they were athletic supporters.

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  • jd8coke April 9, 2006

    Classic wordplay, only one chick actually recognised what he was doing and she didnt put up that much of an argument ( Unless they edited it out )

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  • blaed April 9, 2006

    man show did it...

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  • tweek312 April 10, 2006

    Not exactly fair but still fucking hilarious. The chicks are just thinking about getting more dick. Honestly I wouldnt have known, but I would not sign somthing like that without knowing what the hell I was petitioning for. LOL.. Dumb Broads!

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  • calibaldie April 10, 2006

    Can we start a petition to make sure crazyshit dont put on anymore boring ass shit like this.???????????????????????????????

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  • cap-n_obvious April 10, 2006

    there was no wordplay here, he made little attempt if any to hide what he was doing he even told one of those stupid bitches what it was. these chicks are jsut stupid. the one guy in the video got it and so did one chick

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  • wannt77 April 10, 2006

    does anybody think that looks like sk8erboi?

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  • justwrong April 10, 2006

    that's our school system for you, with it's strong emphasis on history. we are so doomed. Those girls should be forbidden to vote. Or better yet, let them vote only on American Idol. Besides, they should be too busy in the kitchen on tuesdays to bother voting

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  • jgimages April 10, 2006

    can anybody tell me what the fuck is wrong with this asshole moron white dick? instead of wasting time with the fucken petition ask the bitch to suck your cock or something like that..........asshole

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  • crazycory April 10, 2006

    Keep them all signing, hell we can trick them into taking away their own right to vote! Then we can trade them back equal pay for thier right to vote again! BRILLIANT!Now pass me a guiness...

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  • lalasbak08 April 10, 2006

    they had to be blondes!!!!

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  • burton4life April 10, 2006

    lol, these girls are pathetic, come on know what the hell you are sigin before you do it and they all felt so good about doing it!

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  • appletree April 12, 2006

    wel theres 3 minutes and 18 seconds of my life i will never get back

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  • idiothater May 8, 2006

    lmao, can you say one-tracked mind, so many people on this site think with their cocks, they can't get the real humor here. Dumbass chicks and cock-heads like jgi are what're really going to fuck up this country. get some class, maybe you'll actually get some ass too, lol, then you can find something better to think about

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