Dave Chappelle: Where did aids come from

Jesse U.
5,931 Views 1 decade ago

I remember thinking to myself that whole monkey thing didn’t sound right. What Chappelle says makes a lot of fucking sense. Chappelle’s a genius.

  • crazycory April 10, 2006

    Love this guy, cracks me the fuck up...

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  • kkkkilla April 10, 2006

    I like all his work. The mad real world is one of the best. Funny shit.

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  • mr.comment April 10, 2006

    I believe AIDs probably did come from monkeys . . monkeys in a lab where the develope biological weapons, and someone probably got stabbed with a syringe, that is.

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  • b-hazard April 10, 2006

    I just got this shit on DVD a couple days ago.

    "WTF is juice?! I want apple DRANK...It's green."

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  • jgimages April 10, 2006


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  • Jesse U. April 10, 2006

    So tell me jgimages. Are you saying you would fuck them?

    Cause I don't know about you, but I wouldn't stick my dick in anything that even comes close to looking like a Ape. The way you make it sound, it's like your doing it already or your thinking about it.


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  • braody April 10, 2006

    I dont exactly know where it came from, but I've heard and read from more than one source that it was purposly done! I guess its something to think about!

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  • thatoneguy April 10, 2006

    They believe that apes had the AIDS virus and that ape hunters got it by skining the ape with a cut on their hand. It makes sense and it would only need to infect one person.

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  • burton4life April 10, 2006

    yeah maybe it did come from monkeys, but not cause people were f*ckin them ^^ people werent that messed up like they are now

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  • cap-n_obvious April 11, 2006

    people have been fucking monkeys for thousands of years but aids has only come about recently......... hmmmmmm?

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  • jgimages April 11, 2006

    okay this one is for that asshole jesse u.........listen you dumb fuck read the fucken post where does it say any thing that i would fuck or have fucked anything close to an ape...........oh well now that i think about it the closest thing i fucked close to an ape......your mom.....does that count ??? lol long live king kong

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  • 2npink1nstink April 11, 2006

    funniest mother fucker on TV!! When the fuck does his new season start??

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  • youngblood48 April 11, 2006

    hey thisalittle i have no doubt that scientist have brought on a lot of our worries of today, both black and white! so dont be so quick to crack on the white man! im tired, im going to go lay down on my couch at the reservation!

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  • scottishjock April 11, 2006

    lol,reading past comments ,who know were aids came from and by the looks of it it looks as if most of you,s dont read a history book or even a scientist book . why do people make comments on how smart you,s think you are or slag another race.the subject was funny but i have seen better guys ,i am not slagging the race but by the looks of it richard pryer played that roll out a long time ago talking all that squeky voice ,plus i dont care if i have bad spelling

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  • team_viking April 12, 2006

    My bad...

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  • jgimages April 12, 2006

    hey scottishjock.......richard pryor??? where the fuck you from you fucken moron.......hey i must give you credit though...........at least your honest...you are right you cant spell worth shit...............asshole

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  • calibaldie April 12, 2006

    gives the new meaning to slap your monkey. and aids didnt come from monkeys it came from incest sex them rednecks do back in the south. see god wanted to kill them sister mother son daugher loving people but then one of them rednecks actually used his brain and found out that hey you can fuck other poeple that arent realated to you. so he did and thats how aids was spreaded out.

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  • scottishjock April 13, 2006

    jdimages, just a daft wee boy on his dads pc

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  • leemo April 14, 2006

    none of ya'll can spell worth a shit ya'll must be fucking kids or something go back to school. aids was made by the government to control the population you numb nuts!

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  • youngblood48 April 14, 2006

    well why the fuck are you still living^^^^^^^^

    house mi spellen?

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  • team_viking April 16, 2006

    But hey all you guys can look on the bnright side...you can only get AIDS once.

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  • leemo April 17, 2006

    Youngblood you're nothing but a peewee and you probably not even native american you're native bitch, BITCH.

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