Target Acquired

Jesse U.
4,111 Views 1 decade ago

It's almost like this guy was being hunted. He got singled out and taken out.

  • sweeredwine April 11, 2006

    looks like several people got targeted

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  • justwrong April 11, 2006

    har d har

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  • bungsta April 11, 2006

    how many morons must get ran over by rally cars before they figure out standing by the road isn't a good idea?

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  • kin2inuyasha April 11, 2006

    Damn right bungsta, and it's their own fault for not paying attention do the hurdeling masses of a ton of steel, filled to the brim with gasoline. Especially to what seems to be a narcaleptic driver. That's like giving a shark a shotgun.

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  • 2npink1nstink April 11, 2006

    I hope they never stop standing by the road!! It makes for good entertainment when they get mowed down!!!

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  • youngblood48 April 11, 2006

    in road racing why do people always stand in the curve in the road? thats why i like nascar, im standing but up high! ahhh fuck here comes the redneck nascar bullshit! lol

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  • tudogaiman April 11, 2006

    no, that shit is so obvious its no longer funny

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  • diesel91 April 11, 2006

    How many points do you get for a bunch of dumbasses on the side of the road?

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  • hatedogs April 11, 2006

    These ass lickers go out to watch these little goddamn Jap shitboxes and one of 'em gets run the fuck over. How very fucking sad.

    It woulda been funny if the puke had a filthy Cocker Spaniel duct taped on the hood like those ignorant australian buttfuckers did in Mad Max.

    What are you looking at you little fettid fucker? I'll rip your goddamn ass out.

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  • archemedes_rex April 11, 2006

    I gave a shark a shotgun once, but he couldn't figure out the safety.

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  • scottishjock April 11, 2006

    maybe thier should have been speed cameras on that road

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  • zazu pitts April 12, 2006

    What kind of a retard goes to watch cars race around. It is de-evolution.

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  • kkkkilla April 12, 2006

    ^^^^^^ Hey, U member that group DeVo wit dem lil' red hats on?

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  • cap-n_obvious April 12, 2006

    those dipshits should be tied to guardrails at the apex in all the turns

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  • calibaldie April 12, 2006

    ha ha ha now when will neckcar errr nascar take the fences off of thier racetrack i will pay to see this type of shit.

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  • youngblood48 April 12, 2006

    we wont because it would promote uncivilized racing, you know driving through the stands just to get 5 bonus points, for killing a beer drinking, hotdog eating, farting redneck! long live nascar!!!!

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  • calibaldie April 13, 2006

    lol youngblood 10 points in you drive off the pit with the gas man stillholding on.

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  • youngblood48 April 14, 2006

    hell for 20 i'll take out the official! ha!

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