All He Wanted Was His Cake

Jesse U.
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Man that's just wrong. Why can't they just leave the guy alone. You just can't go around and take people's cake. That's fucked up.

  • troll_de_norte April 14, 2006

    too bad they had to gang up on someone that was already drunk.. pussies..

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  • briandee April 14, 2006

    yeah yeah sooooo tough, 2 pick on 1 and he cant even fight back...impressive I dont think so.

    A perfect example of cowards.

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  • nativeman April 14, 2006

    You don't know me? Looks like a couple of Kevin Federlines

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  • nutsatchel April 14, 2006

    What the fuck ever happened to a clean fight? The mother fucking pussies doing the kicking are bigger fucking faggot cock sucking bitches than the dude that got beat. That's hip-hop culture for ya. Fucking faggots

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  • hellrider1 April 14, 2006

    whats up with those punk ass motherfuckers.i hope whoever posted that looks at these comments.your a bunch of fucking cant face a man one on one.fucking cowards

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  • leemo April 14, 2006

    that.......... motherfucker got drug too bad it was'nt fair. when shit like that happen you go to the passenger side of your car and pull out that jennings nine millimeter with the hollow points and do a little self defense. shoot for the fucking head no survivors......... camera pussy too. then go home and sleep it off.

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  • oklahtaz April 14, 2006

    a bunch of fuc***g drunk retards whoikr fighting 3 on 1 cause threre afraid to fight man to man.

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  • youngblood48 April 14, 2006

    thats why people carry guns these days! cause of young punks like these, we gotta new law starts down here july 1st. your car is considered an ext. of your home and instead of running or giving them what they want, you can defend yourself if you fear for your life! as in pull a gun and fuck them up! before they get to you! its going to be a circus

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  • david_gilmour April 15, 2006

    You see what's sad. Is that in EVERY single video of fights.. It's always wiggers or blacks. Never do you see people who listen to any other genre of music. I think rap should be taken off of this earth, and be forgotten about, as if it never happend... like what Germans do about the Holocaust.

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  • archemedes_rex April 15, 2006

    Hey, david_gilmour (cool screenname)-- you should know why us rock 'n' rollers never get filmed fighting, we're either too damn old or too damn stoned!!

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  • calibaldie April 15, 2006

    Fucken pussies. Lets see one drunk dude + one nigga and one wigger+ a cake= poor muther fucker gatting knocked the fuck out . Hey pussie that recorded this try and find a dude that is not drunk and then try to fight him one one. Now if your able to knock him out then i will applaud you. Teaming up on a drunk dude is just ofr pussies. Fucken retards.

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  • knave April 15, 2006

    everyone is saying the same ol' shit over and over. so instead what i gotta say is ... that cake better have been the SHIT !!!!

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  • cirrhosis99 April 15, 2006

    Sorry guys...I'm not racist but we just witnessed everything from niggers to white trash and a few spics all rolled up into one pile of useless illiterate shit....Yeah youngblood that is why I pack...It's awful to walk the streets and worry about that shit...

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  • iluvkissieface April 15, 2006

    Youngblood!!! What state do you live in? You can't carry a gun in Pennsylvania unless you have a permit. You have to be careful whom you give the finger to in Texas. My sister lives there and almost everyone carries a gun in his or her car and it's legal.

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  • youngblood48 April 15, 2006

    a little place called mississippi, you can carry a gun in your car now as long as its not concealed(yeah right) in this state you are told to run, give it up, do not defend yourself, not now baby! at your home you can only shoot if they get inside, now if they come up to you in your yard, you can blow them away.

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  • ruzo626 April 15, 2006

    I hope every one of those pussy ass motherfuckers got arrested and put in prison. Bitch ass faggot motherfuckers !!!!

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  • kkkkilla April 15, 2006

    Hey David_Gilmour.---Don't even act like you white boys (i guess you white, you talk like it) don't do no fighting. I've seen many trailor-trash, plain white folk fights on here. You're only seeing what you wanna see to keep those loose screws in your head loose. And if I'm not mistaking, these boys look and sound like Gotti's crew. Italians may look white, but they don't fuck around, and the very last to be considered wiggers. And you don't like rap cause you have no flavor. You plain and bland. Rap is doing too much for this economy to stop and forget about it. Nightclubs wouldn't do so well and would be full of wall-flowers without it. Mansions, Bentleys, Fantoms, Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Rims, Crystal, Businesses, and all the other good shit you may wish you could have, has to be sold. Not even the president can't afford this shit. and not to mention how much "Rap Money" is donated to charity. Catch the next shuttle to the moon. You should be happy there.

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  • calibaldie April 16, 2006

    Sorry kkkkilla they still looked like wiggers to me. Hey youngblood your confusing your places that place that your are told to give up,run and dont deffend yourself is actaully caled France.

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  • kkkkilla April 16, 2006

    I think you wrong Cali. Reminds me of GoodFellas when they beat the fuck outta dude when he left the tavern. They beat and kicked the dog shit out his ass. Then threw him in the trunk to go bury him.

    Back to this vid...I think dude had it coming to him.

    He shouldn't came running up talking shit. He got owned that's that. I can't understand why everbody so pissed cause he got his fag ass beat. Did ya'll notice where they all were? Welcome to the streets and street fighting, though It couldda been much worse.

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  • pitbull89x April 17, 2006

    they beat his ass IN the bar......deniro drove his heel right in that fuckers face......good movie.....fucking guido's anyways

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  • kkkkilla April 17, 2006

    You right Pit. I thought about that after I wrote. Yea they did beat his ass in the bar after everyone left. Broke a 38special on his skull too. They were savage with that ass whipping. Thats how it goes down though. Dude shouldda let that air seep out his chest and put his cap back on straight. Wanna be bad-ass got his ass beat bad. Hahaha!!!!!

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  • boardsurfer April 17, 2006

    Thats why you cant get wasted anymore. ive been jumped twice and both times i was too drunk to fight (good at any rate). so now when i go out and i KNOW i'm getting fucked up- i carry either: 1) mace 2) gun. either one, i dont care. its legal to carry a gun in your car in florida, but your never by your car when you need it.

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  • hellbomber April 20, 2006

    I don't know about you guys but its fucking niggers like these that give the african american race a bad reputation. Its fucking amazing how many of you claim that you are treated unfairly because you're "black" and therefore people don't hire you wether it comes down to getting a job at a local store. Why the fuck would you want to beat down on a guy like that? if the shit does not belong to you don't fucking take it, this is the reason why sometimes I wish I had a fucking gun. Not to kill but only for self defense purposes I hate seeing this kinda shit I mean nobody is perfect but this kinda shit happens mostly within the african american teenagers. They have little respect for people and wonder why they are being discriminated against. Before you all make assumptions I will remind you that I am NOT Racist but think about what race this is being caused by the most. All that fucker wanted was his cake. Something that belonged to him.

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  • kkkkilla April 20, 2006

    STFU you dumbshit. Know what the fuck you're talking about before you open your cum-filled mouth you fuckin asswipe...What is it that give white americans a bad rep??? Assholes like you you fuckin racist prick. America wasn't your ancestors property either, but they stole it anyway. And yea, some blacks AREN"T hired, just because they're black. That's why there had to be a law passed. It's called Affirmative Action meant to give minorities a equal chance at work and schooling, because racism didn't, and still don't in many cases, want them there. Shows your smarts. There was 1-one-1 african american in this video who did nothing but laughed. The others are italian or some other shit. They can't be plain white, they got too much flavor YOU ARE ONE RETARDED RAT-TURD...FUCK YOU VERY MUCH HELLBOMBER.

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  • jacksonsguilty April 20, 2006

    Diabetic Puerto Ricans and their feckin cake. Try a chill pill, faggot.

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  • thewhiteboy April 20, 2006

    hahahahahahaha he got his ass kicked he should not have ran his mouth to the wrong people over some dam cake dumbass

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  • tinkdaddy October 6, 2006

    you's sad to see white suburban kids acting out with TNB...

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  • rush October 7, 2007

    2 against 1 over cake...hmmmm....perhaps his mommy can cut him a nice piece and feed it to him while she is sucking his cock!!

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  • lonecapone June 25, 2008


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  • darkwestern March 29, 2009

    this is my new favorite video ever

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  • loser April 3, 2009

    Any of these relevant ?

    2 tigers vs 1 deer?

    2 sharks vs 1 whale?

    2 crocodiles vs 1 monkey?

    2 lions vs 1 lion?

    2 humans vs 1 human?

    4 hyenas vs 1 buffalo?

    12 piranha vs 1 Swan?

    1 Owl vs 1 mouse?

    200 rabbits vs 1 wolf?

    No! we are all animals fighting to survive. we do how we do till we do it no more. Get over yourselves people. Society blinds people.

    WELL GUESS WHAT!!!! You ain't no fucking different to any other race, any other species, any other Thing!

    All we know is all we are.

    We are Born, We Live, We Die.

    End of. FIN!

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  • frank n. stein September 10, 2017

    Again, 2 on 1, pussies!

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